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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others. CẢ NHÀ CHỈ RÕ TRỌNG ÂM Ở ÂM TIẾT THỨ MẤY GIÚP MK VS NHA...

1.       A.disease                                    B. nervous                                         C.balance                           D. healthy

2.       A.digestive                                 B. allergic                                          C. skeletal                          D. intestine

3.       A.complicated                           B. bacteria                                         C. moderately                    D. acupuncture

4.       A.vessel                                      B. system                                           C. organ                                             D. massage

5.       A.incredible                               B. artificial                                        C. scientific                        D. presentation

6.       A.respiratory                                            B. sleeplessness                                C.  allergy                           D. acupoint

7.       A.medicine                                B. dioxide                                          C. harmony                        D. stimulate

8.       A.ailment                                   B. convert                                          C.  cancer                           D.  muscle

9.       A.oxygenate                                             B. circulatory                                    C. environmental                      D. inspiration

10.     A.pyramid                                  B. seasoning                                      C. flavoring                        D. imbalance

Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

1.     Is that the lawyer to ___________ you spoke?

          A. who                            B. what                  C. whom      D. which

2.     ____   are kept as pets in almost every country in the world.

A. Cats and dog which       B. which cats and dogs           C. Cats and dogs   D.Thatcats and dogs

3.    The book __________  my father is interested is very expensive.

          A. in which            B. which in            C. which                D. in that

4.    I enjoy taking a walk at night __________  the roads are quiet.

          A. which                B. that                              C. where                D. when

5.     My car broke down, ____________  a real nuisance.

          A. that was             B. which was                   C. which were        D. where was

6.     Do you remember the day __________  into this house?

          A. that we moved  B. when we moved          C. where we moved          D. A and B

7.     The reason _______ I'm phoning you is to invite you to my birthday party.

          A. where                B. which                C. when                 D. why

8.    The house  _______ he lives is very old.

          A. which                B. when                 C. in which            D. then

9.    I  recently went back to the village school _______I studied in my chilhood.

          A. where                B. which                C. when                 D. why

10. "Is this the address to _________ you want the package  sent ?"

          A. where                B. that                              C. which                D. whom

11."Excuse me, but there is something about  _____ immediately." "Certainly."

          A.which I must speak to you               B.which I must speak to you about it

          C. that I must speak to you about         D. that I must speak to you

12. Most folk songs are ballads ____ have simple words and tell simple stories.

          A. what                  B. whose                C. how                   D. that

13. A battery is a device _________ electricity by chemical means.      

          A. it produces                  B. by which production of         C. produces           D. which produces

14 I have three brothers, _________ are policemen.

        A. that all of them    B. who they all       C. all of whom       D. who all of them

15. The novel "Tom Sawyer", ______ was written by Mark Twain, is my all-      time favourite.

          A. that                              B. what                  C. which                D. who

16. Everything ______ they said was true.

          A. which                B. what                  C. how                             D. that

17. Yesterday she had to do a difficult English test for ______ she did not prepare.

          A. it                       B. that                              C. which                D. what

18. _______ was a French Emperor, fought his final battle in Waterloo.

          A. Napoleon Bonaparte who     C. Napoleon Bonaparte, that

          B. Napoleon Bonaparte, who     D. Napoleon Bonaparte, whose

19.  Vicky, __________ name was missed off the list, wasn’t very pleased.

          A. which                B. whom                C. whose                D. who

20. The new computer system __________for the post office will allow accounts to be managed over the Internet.

          A. design               B.designing           C. designed           D.which designing

21. Many forest fires are caused by cigarettes ___________       out of cars.

          A. are throwing     B. have thrown      C. throw                D. thrown

22. The man_________ part in the robbery refused to give any information.

          A. took                  B. taking                C. to take               D. who take

23. The travel agent gave me a brochure _______ all the needed information.

          A. contains            B.to contain           C.containing                    D.which contain

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