Học tại trường Chưa có thông tin
Đến từ Chưa có thông tin , Chưa có thông tin
Số lượng câu hỏi 11
Số lượng câu trả lời 2
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Câu 21:  Please _____ the music you are playing because I want to watch this program.

A. turn up                       B. look at                        C. turn down                  D. look for

Câu 22:  I'll be very angry if he __________ any more mistakes.

A. makes                        B. will make                   C. make                          D. made

Câu 23:  He is one of the most famous stamp ______. He started collecting stamps five years ago.

A. collection                  B. collections                C. collector                    D. collectors

Câu 24:  Apples are very good ________ our health, so we should eat at least one every day.

A. to                                B. for                               C. at                                D. on

Câu 25:  We came to work late yesterday because of the ________ traffic.

A. long                            B. heavy                         C. strong                         D. busy

Câu 26:  My parents are going to visit Paris __________ May 1st.

A. on                               B. to                                C. at                                D. in

Câu 27:  Tom and Ellen are talking in class.

       Tom: “Would you like to come to my house for dinner?”   Ellen: “__________”

A. I’d like your dinner                                         B. It’s my pleasure. giúp mình với ạ mình cần gấp ạ


Câu 32:  Thu: __________ is the yellow bag on the table?-  Lan: Half a kilo.

A. What                          B. How heavy                C. How much                 D. What color

Câu 33:  My father got up early this morning ___________ miss the first bus to work.

A. so as                           B. so as to                       C. so that                        D. in order not to

Câu 34:  I find it easy­___________ across this river.

A. swim                          B. to swimming             C. swimming                  D. to swim

Câu 35:  The little girl __________ is wearing a pink dress is my younger sister.

A. who                            B. whose                         C. whom                         D. which

Câu 36:  The group leader provided some plastic bags________ us to collect garbage in the school yard.

A. in                                B. to                                C. for                              D. with

Câu 37:  These people don’t like foreign films, __________?

A. do they                      B. don’t they                  C. did they                     D. didn’t they

Câu 38:  They _________ this park since last summer.

A. are building              B. have built                  C. build                          D. built

Câu 39:  Test 1 is much ___________ than test 2.

A. more easier               B. the easiest                 C. as easy                       D. easier

Câu 40:  I wish he _________to me more often. I rarely receive his letters.

A. wrote                          B. didn’t write               C. writes                         D. doesn’t write

Câu 41:  The students said that the English tests ___________ the most difficult of all.

A. have been                  B. was                             C. are                              D. were

Câu 42:  Nam ___________ for not finishing his homework on time.

A. was punished            B. were punished          C. punished                   D. punishes

Câu 43:  ___________ I was tired, I went to bed earlier than usual.

A. Therefore                  B. So                               C. Because                     D. Although

Câu 44:  John is talking to his sister, Helen in the sitting- room.

    John: “Can you do me a favor?”   - Helen: “__________.”

A. Sure. What can I do for you?                         B. That’s a good idea.

C. I can do you a favor.                                        D. I’m not sure.

Câu 45:  I spend two hours a day ___________ my homework.

A. do                               B. doing                          C. to do                           D. to doing giúp mình với ạ