Unit 2: Urbanisation

Truong Nguyen Duy
14 tháng 1 2020 lúc 21:32


email của mình đây bạn nhớ gửi cho tớ nhé !okɜː

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Trà My
9 tháng 11 2018 lúc 20:50

complete the sentences

1.our chool ..is..inthe lillage

2.uor classroom is..on..the second floor

3.I usually get..up..at six o`clock

4. I.am...in grade 6

5.I ..often..go to bed at 10 o`clock

6.nam is a ..student. at quang trung school

7.he...in class 7A six ..days..a week

8. his class ...starts..at oneer past five o`clock and ..finishes... a quart past five in the evening

9.at school ,he...has..a lot of subjects

10.minh was bons..at...Hue...in..2005

11.yesterday I .went..to the cinema

12.mozart was bons in salzung ..in...1756

13. he is usually free..at.8p.m anh 10p.m

14.do you give each other present ..at....christmats?

15. It seems very difficult....for..me to have a trip abroad

16. What ...O..do you do..go...bed?

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