Câu hỏi của ngọc nguyễn - Tiếng Anh lớp 9

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Bài tập : Chia động từ trong ngoặc.
1. If you ( go) __________away, please write to me.
2. If you ( be)__________ in, I should have given it to you.
3. If he (eat) __________another cake, he will be sick.
4. I ( not do ) __________ that if I (be) __________you.
5. If he (take) __________my advice, everything can go well.
6. I would have come sooner if I ( know)__________ you were here.
7. He never does homework. If he( do)_____ his homework, he(not worry)____about his exam.
8.It’s too bad we lost the game. If you (play)__________ for us, we( win)__________.
9.What you (do) __________if she refuses your invitation?
10. If today (be) __________Sunday, we (go)__________ to the beach.
11. Unless they (pass) __________their examinations, they would join the army.
12. You (be) __________ill if you drink that water.
13. If Tom (go)__________ to bed earlier, he would not be so tired.
14. Had we known your address, we( write) __________you a letter.
15. If it’s raining heavily, we (not go) __________for a donkey ride. 16. If he (try)__________ hard, he’ll pass the examination.
17. I could understand the French teacher if she (speak)__________ more slowly.
18.If she (not be)__________ busy, she would have come to the party.
19. If I (finish) __________the work in time, I ( go)__________ to the football game.
20. If you( see) __________Mary today, please ( ask) __________her to call me.
21. She wishes her father ( be)_______________ here now to help her
22.I wish they ( visit) _______________us when they were in town.
23.I wish someone ( give) _______________ me a job next month.
24.If only I ( can take) _______________the trip to Hanoi with her next summer.
25.I wish they ( know) _______________the truth yesterday.
26. I wish I (see) _______________ that film on TV again.
27.We wish she (be) _______________ our teacher of English.
28.My brother wishes he (not waste) _______________ time when he was young.
29.They wish they (come) _______________ to class on time yesterday morning.
30. I wish I ( spend) _______________my last summer vacation in the mountains.
31.I wish she (come) _______________ to see me yesterday.
32.If only I ( have) _______________more time to do this job.
33.He missed an exciting football match on TV last night. He wishes he (watch) ____________ it.
34.I wish you ( not give ) _______________them my phone number yesterday.
35.We wish we ( understand) _______________all the teacher’s explanation yesterday.
* Viết lại những câu sau sao cho nghĩa của câu không thay đổi.
1. What a pity the weather isn’t nice._________________________________________
2. Your cousin doesn’t tell you the truth. _________________________________________
3. I’m sorry you don’t study hard. _________________________________________
4. I can’t lend you any money. _________________________________________
5. What a pity he doesn’t invite us to the party. ____________________________________
6. I’m sorry I can’t easily give the answer. _________________________________________
7. Tom isn’t here now. _________________________________________
8. We don’t buy that house. _________________________________________
9. They never visit us. _________________________________________
10. She is often late for school. _________________________________________
11. That man doesn’t work hard.He can’t earn more money.
12.I don’t tell him the answer because he is from home.
13. My friend and I don’t have enough money , so we will not buy a house of our own.
14. The weather isn’t better now, so we can’t go for a walk.
15. I don’t know his address, and I don’t give it to you.
16.He does not work slowly enough, so he makes many mistakes.
17. I am not sent to prison. She doesn’t visit me
18. I don’t win a big prize in a lottery, so I don’t give up my job.
19. The doctor can’t see many patients because he is so late.
20. We don’t visit them in Hanoi because tickets are expensive.

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