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Giup em bai này ạ

Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 1:16

62 The more I think about the idea, the less attractive it becomes

63 The more slowly you walk, the longer it takes to get there

64 The less right you treat your disease, the more increasingly serious it will become

65 câu này thiếu dữ liệu roài

66 The newer the motorbike is, the less petrol it consumes

67 The more electricity you use, the higher your bill will be

68 The more books he reads, the more he knows about the word

69 The more I thought about , the more confused I became

70 The more problems arise, the less enthusiastic we feel

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Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 1:28

71 The more polluted the air is, the greater the chances of developing respiratory diseases are

72 The more popular TV programs become, the worse they seem to get

73 The less my boss is pressed for time, the worse he works

74 The more the economy grows, the better people's living conditions become

75 If you go to bed late, you will be tired

76 Unless you spend all your money, we can go on holiday

77 If you don't study, you won't pass your exams

78 Unless he smokes, the house won't smell bad

79 If you don't put your clothes away, your room will bea mess

80 If you don't go shopping, there won't be any food in the fridge

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Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 1:46

81 Unless you drink too much coffee, you can sleep

82 If you don't stop talking, you won't understand the lesson

83 If she studies hard, she will pass the exams

84 Unless we hurry up, we will be late for the meeting

85 If I had free time, I could help my mother with the housework

86 If he had his homework, he wouldn't be punished by the teacher

87 Unless he had a terrible headache, she wouldn't be absent from her class

88 If I knew her number, I would ring her up

89 Unless you rest yourself, you will be ill

90 Unless he ate so many chips, he wouldn't be fat

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Sinh Viên NEU
7 tháng 12 2023 lúc 1:51

91 If he didn't drink too much strong tea, he could sleep

92 If the exercise weren't difficult, I could do the exercise

93 If you press the button, you can turn on this machine

Unless you press this button, you can't turn on this machine

94 I wish it weren't raining heavily

95 If only she joined in the trip

96 I wish I were good at English

97 If only I had a computer

98 I wish they would come here tomorrow 

99 If only he would go swimming with me

100 I wish he weren't always borrowing my books

101 If only John weren't always forgetting things at home

102 We wish we had a TV

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