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Tran Temple Festival, one of the largest annual spring festivals in Vietnam, is held on the 14th
night and 15th day of the first lunar month at the national historical complex of the TranKings’ shrines and tombs in Tien Duc Commune, Hung Ha District, Nam Dinh City. It usually begins with a ritual of incense-offering at the kings’ tombs and a ritual for the opening of the gates of Den Thanh (Thanh Temple), Den Mau (Mother Temple) and the Tran Kings’ shrines. They are followed by a ‘water procession’, in which people will carry nine ornate palanquins with memorial plaques of the Kings of the Tran Dynasty and members of their royal families. A series of folk games are also organized during the festival, such as a rice-cooking challenge,
clay firecrackers, chung cake wrapping and tug of war, alongside traditional performances and sport games including lion dances, dragon dances, cheo and chau van singing, human chess,
wrestling and martial arts.
The Tran Temple Festival was recognized as a national intangible heritage in 2014. The
historical complex of the Tran Kings’ shrines and tombs received special national relic status
last year.
13. How often is the Tran Temple Festival held?
A. Every month

B. Every year

C. Every two years

D. Twice a year
14.The word ‘they’ in the passage refers to ____________.
A. Temples

B. Offerings

C. Shrines

D. Rituals
15.Which of the followings is not organized in the festival?
A. Rice cooking

B. Tug of war

C. Boat race

D. Human chess
16.Based on the information in the text, which statement is NOT true?
A. The Tran Temple Festival aims to honour the Tran Dynasty.
B. The seal opening ceremony takes place on the 14th night.
C. The main rituals are preceded by a water procession.
D. Traditional cheo and chau van singing is performed in the festival.