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UNIT 9 Test 2. 1.Hoa is a keen student and she … hard. a. study b. studys c. studies. 2. She has … days off than me . a. much b. many c. fewer. 3.It took him two hours … his test. a. does b. did c. to do. 4. They returned home yesterday. a. arrived b. came back c. visited. 5. She talked to her friends … her vacation in Da Lat. a. about b. on c. with . 6. I … very happy on my last vacation. a. am b. was c. were 7. It was a green with white flowers … it. a. in b. at c. on 8. We like .. together . a. to talk b. talking c. talked . 9. They always help their mother … the housework. a. do b. to do c. doing. 10. Did Liz buy any …. in Nha Trang. a. gifts b. picture c. cap 11. He ..come here last night. a. doesn’t b. won’t c. didn’t 12. … did you see her ? – Yesterday morning. a. When b. where c. What time. 13. Could you tell me the way … the railway station, please? a. at b. to c. from . 14. We enjoy … around the world. a. travel b. traveling c. to travel 15. The weather … nice yesterday. a. were b. was c. is 16. What will you … during your vacation ? a. does b. do c. doing. 17.Where … you visit when you were in Hoi An ? a. is b. was c. did. 18. I … to see some temples on the first day. a. go b. went c. going. 19. What do you think about … ? a. sew b. get c. getting. 20. Did you … any thing there ? A. bought b. buy c. brought.