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UNIT 9 Test 1. 1. After the neighbor helped her , the dress … very well. a. fit b. fited c. fitted. 2. Last week , the Robinsons … to a new apartment. a. move b. moved c. are moving. 3. His hobby is playing soccer. a. pastime b. activity c. sport . 4. They arrive … home in the afternoon. a. in b. to c. O 5. They brought back a cowboy as a … of my trip. a. gift b. souvenir c. thing. 6. Last year, my aunt … me a new dress. a. buys b. is buying c. bought. 7. Hoa watched her neighbor .. her dress. a. make b. to make c. made. 8. He wants to learn … to use the computer . a. what b. how c. why 9. What do you think … Nha Trang? a. to b. of c. for. 10. It’s not difficult…. A new dress. a. make b. to make c. to making. 11. What … she do yesterday ? a. do b. was c. did 12. The family returned … Hanoi by train . a. for b. to c. back. 13. They stop … the restaurant for a short time. a. in b. at c. on 14. My pen pal … to visit me next month. a. is coming b. will come c. a & b 15. They kept … touch by letter. a. in b. at c. on 16. She ….. but it didn’t fit . a. tried it on b. tried it up c. tried on it. 17. ….is a person who lives near you. a. Hairdresser b. Neighbor c. Teacher. 18. The shoe store is … Tran Phu street. a. on b. at c. from. 19. He wants to learn … tennis now. a. plays b. to play c. playing. 20. I … this car last month. a. buy b. bought c. to buy.