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UNIT 8 Test 1 1. ….. there a chemist’s near here ? a. Are b. Is c. O 2. Could you tell me how… there ? a. to get b. get c. getting . 3. – thanks a lot. - ………….. a. You’re welcome b. Don’t mention it c. a & b. 4. Where is the bookstore ?- The bookstore is … the bank. a. next to b. opposite to c. between. 5. .. . is it from Hue to Nha trang ? a. How many b. How far c. how about. 6. I … send a letter t France, please . a. would like b. like c. would like to. 7. a. Here is your change b. Here your change is c. Here your change. 8. Which question is correct? a. How many is it ? b. How much is it ? c. How much it is? 9. My house is … the bookshop. a. next b. front of c. opposite. 10. – You want to buy a pair of shoes . - Go to the …. A. post office b. shoe shop c. chemist’s. 11. I’d like to send this letter … Australia. a. to b. for c. on 12. What’s … the left next … the restaurant? a. to- to b. for- to c. on – to. 13 . Mrs. Robinson buys a packet of envelopes … 2,500 dongs. a. at b. of c . about . 14. Which sentence is correct ? a. I need a fifteen thousand dong phone card . b. I need a fifty – thousand- don phone card. c. I need a fifty- thousand-dong phone card. 15 .Jane needs a phone card … her parents at weekend. a. call b. to call c. calling. 16. …. there a post office near here ? a. Is b. Are c. Does . 17. Could you tell me how .. to Ben Thanh market ? a. getting b. get c. to get. 18. The souvenir shop is … the bookstore and the hotel. a. opposite b. between c. next to. 19. How .. is it from Hanoi to Ho CHi Minh City ? – About 1,700 kilometers. a. long b. wide c. far . 20. I’d like .. this letter to Hanoi. a. to send b. sending c. send.