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Nội dung:

UNIT 7 Test 2. 1.We … this film boring. a. find b. thinks c. watch 2. They have to work very hard on their farm. a. should b. must c. need. 3. Do Vietnamese students have more fewer vacations than American … ? a. students b. vacations c. farmers. 4. … a look at this picture . a. Take b. Give c. Do 5. Hurry or you’ll be late … school. a. with b. for c. at 6. My homework … about two hours each day. a. takes b. has c. gives. 7. Our summer vacation starts in June. It… for almost for two months. a. happens b. takes c. lasts . 8. What do you do .. the vacation ? a. during b. while c. when 9. We don’t have classes on Saturday, but we work one hour … each day. a. much b. more c. many. 10. Vietnamese students go to school one day …… than American students . a. few b. fewest c. fewer. 11. American students go to school one day … than Vietnamese students. a. little b. least c. less. 12. Many people don’t realize how … students have to work at school and at home. a. hard b. hardly c. harder. 13. Many women work… home. a. at b. in c. on 14. They take .. of the house and looks after the children . a. care b. homework c. notice . 15. My dad is a mechanic. He .. machines in a factory. a. does b. cleans c. repairs. 16. Most … the time my dad and I get along well. a. of b. in c. at 17. We sometimes go to Hanoi .. vacation . a. on b. for c. about 18. Write me a letter and tell me .. about your family. a. many b. more c. most 19. She … teaching at a high school. a. am b. is c. are 20. What are you … now? a. do b. does c. doing.