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UNIT 5 Test 1. 1. What are you doing ,Lan? - …. planting some trees. a. I’m am b. I’m c. I 2. What’s Mom doing ? - … cooking. a. She’s b. She’s is c. she. 3. What are Ba and Nam doing? - … watching TV . a. They b. They’re c. There are. 4 . Hoa has a letter … her friend. a. from b. with c. at 5. Hoa is the … age as her friends. a. different. b. same c. young . 6. American students take part… different activities at recess. a. on b. at c. in 7. They read and study … the same time. a. in b. at c. with. 8. They meet their friends and … some fun. a. have b. take c. do. 9. They talk … their class . a. at b. on c. about. 10. …… school, we study many subjects . a. At b. On c. With. 11. ….. literature, we learn about books and write essays. a. At b. On c. In 12. In Geography , we study different countries and … people. a. his b. our c. their. 13. Which … do you like best ? – English. a. subject b. room c. school. 14. She learns … to use a computer. a. how b. what c. which 15. In … we study chemistry and biology. a. mathematics b. science c. literature. 16. He is a student … Le Loi school. a. at b. in c. on 17. Mai learns .. to use a computer. a. what b. how c. when . 18. We are ….. some experiments. a. making b. learning c. doing . 19. My brother is good … English. a. at b. in c. with. 20. All the students enjoy .. on the weekend. a. to camp b. camping c. camp.