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UNIT 3 Test 2 1. You … tired after your long walk . a. are b. should be c. will are 2. It is an awful restaurant . It is the … restaurant in the town . a. badder b. worse c. worst . 3. A … works on a farm . a. doctor b. teacher c. farmer. 4. What … colorful pictures! a. a b. an c. 0 5. The television is …. to the window . a. next b. near c. on 6 .I have … good news for you . a. a b. some c. many 7. What … expensive dress ! a. a b. an c. the 8. There … a sink , a tub and a shower in the bathroom . a. is b. are c. have 9. …… take care of sick people . a. Doctors b. Teachers c. Farmers . 10. People usually cook food in the ….. a. bathroom b. kitchen c. living room. 11. This hotel is the … in the town . a. new b. newer c. newest . 12. I never drink … orange juice for breakfast. a. much b. many c. a 13. Don’t ask Margaret for advice . She … know what to do. a. will b. will not c. shall 14. Her birthday is … June nineteen . a. in b. at c. on 15. …. sport do you like ? a. What b. How c. Why 16. … does your father do ? a. When b. What c. Where 17. There … some arm chairs . a. are b. is c. have 18. This apartment is suitable … my family. a. to b. in c. for 19. We … badminton every afternoon. a. have b. play c. go 20. I … to work by bus . a. go b. take c. will