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UNIT 3 Test 1. 1. What … awful restaurant! a. an b. the c. a 2. Would you like … sandwiches ? a. any b. some c. many 3. Are there … lamps on the wall ? a. any b. a c. many 4. This dress is the … expensive of the four dresses . a. best b. more c. most 5. Benches are … comfortable than armchairs . a. the most b. more c. most 6. Red is my … color. a. favorite b. interesting c. beautiful 7. The picture is … the clock . a. next b. under c. at 8. He writes articles for a newspapers . He is ….. a. a journalist b. a teacher c. a musician 9. Her …. Name is Thi . a. family b. middle c. last 10. I live …. 24 B Dinh Tien Hoang Street . a. in b. to c. at 11. How … is it from the hospital to the bus stop ? a. long b. far c. high 12. … a lovely view ! a. When b. Where c. What 13. My father likes jogging , and…. does my mother . a. too b. so c. but 14. They will … badminton next Sunday . a. play b. to play c. playing 15. Which is the …. apartment ? a. best b. better c. more 16. Her date of birth is … November fourth . a. at b. on c. of 17. The family usually sits and watches television in the ….. a. bathroom b. kitchen c. living room . 18. She lives …. the next farm. a. in b. on c. from 19. What … nice girl ! a. a b. an c. some 20. Come in and have a ….. a. chair b. table c. seat .