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UNIT 2 Test 2 1. I think she …. the party tomorrow. a. will enjoy b. enjoy c. enjoys. 2. January is the … month of the year . a. one b. first c. two . 3. I will see you … tomorrow. a. on b. O c. in 4. Her sister is out when he calls. a. not at home b. not busy c. late 5. I will invite all of my friends … my birthday party. a. to b. O c. come 6. … you be free to morrow? a. Will b. Are c. Have 7. It’s her … birthday tomorrow. a. fivteen b. fifteen c. fifteenth 8. The book is open in front … her on the desk . a. of b. to c . with . 9. Will you be free on Sunday? a. not at home b. not busy c note late. 10. Can you wait for me ? - I … be very long . a. will b. shall c. will not. 11. April is the … month of the year. a. forth b. fourth c. third. 12. You will have … new friends soon. a lot of b. lots of c. a & b. 13. My birthday is on May 25th. a. date of birth b. day of birth c. party. 14. I hope he … to the party. a. will come b. come c. came . 15. I’m quite nervous about starting my new job. a. happy b. sorry c. worried . 16. What’s your …. ? a. telephone number b. number c. a & b 17. Don’t let your brother… the present . a. to see b. seeing c. see 18. Fictions means …. a. textbooks b. movies c. novels and short stories . 19. ‘….. does the plane fly ? – It flies at 600 miles an hour . a. How far b. How fast c. How long 20. All the furniture in the house … old- fashioned. a. is b. are c. be.