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UNIT 2 Test 1: 1. … is your telephone number ? a. When b. Which c. What 2. Her birthday is … Friday, August 20th. a. at b. on c. in 3. … you have a test tomorrow morning ? a. Will b. Do c. Are 4. She will have a party … her birthday. a. for b. on c. in 5. What’s your … ? a. birthday b. day of birth c. date of birth . 6. Will he be free ? - …………. a. No, he won’t b. No, he doesn’t c. No. he isn’t. 7 . We will … our old friends next Sunday . a . to meet b. meet c. meeting . 8. … you like a cup of tea? a. Would b. will c. What. 9. Who’s this? … a. It’s me b. It’s me, Nguyet c. Is it me? 10. What … your telephone number ? a. is b. are c. does. 11. … meet at 7.00 p. m . a. Let’s b. Let’s go c. Let . 12. Nhat … 9 on his next birthday. a. is b. will c. will be. 13. I live … my parents in the countryside. a. on b. with c. to 14. Nga lives …… 52 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. a. at b. on c. in 15. What’s your … ? a. date of birth b. birth date c. birthday. 16 . Will you be free tomorrow evening ? ……. a. Yes, I will b. Yes, I do c. Yes, I am 17. Where will we meet ? …………… the cinema. a. In front b. Next c. In front of. 18. When’s her birthday? – It’s on…… a. November ninth b. ninth November c. November of ninth. 19. Which is the third month of the year ? a. January b. December c. March 20. Which is the ninth month of the year ? a. September b. February c. November.