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Bạn cần đăng nhập mới làm được đề thi này

Nội dung:

Unit 15. Test 2. 1.The students have a .. break between two periods. a. five- minute b. five minute c. five- minutes. 2. She goes to the public library … a. carefully b. regularly c. suddenly. 3. You … spend much time playing video games. a. should b. shouldn’t c. need. 4. The inventors of the games…. very rich. a. become b. begin c. start. 5. Many tennis players are … twenty or twenty – two. a. so young so b. so young as c. as young as. 6. I hate … housework. a. do b. to do c. does. 7. She soon .. the busy city traffic. a. use b. uses c. got used to. 8. She hates… the road. a. crossing b. to cross c. crosses. 9. The noise … me awake at night. a. takes b. keeps c. gives. 10. The baby began … a. cry b. to cry c. cries. 11. Could you help me … the cooking ? a. with b. by c. for. 12. He teaches me … tennis. a. play b. to play c. playing. 13. …. do you do on Sunday mornings? a. How b. what c. Why. 14. Tim spends much time … video games. a. in b. at c. on 15. She prefers … badminton. a. play b. to play c. playing. 16. I had to … from the bank for my car. a. send b. borrow c. take . 17. Children should …. in out door activities with their friends. a. take part c. join c. come 18. The police caught those …. yesterday evening. a. robs b. robbery c. robbers. 19 …. is a person who makes or thinks of something new. a. Cyclist b. Inventor c. Police. 20. She is ….. TV now. a. watch b. watches c. watching.