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Unit 15. Test 1. 1. Do you … video games, Nam ? – Yes, I do a. do b. play c. go 2. … do you play the games? - Once per week a. How often b. How usually c. How much . 3. Do you know that video games may be … ? a. addicted b. addiction c. addictive. 4. ….. people play video games. a. Millions b. Millions of c. Million of. 5. Some play them at home, ….. play them in the arcades. a. others b. other c. another. 6. Children shouldn’t spend much time on these games….. a long time. a. in b. on c. for. 7. They can become …. a. dizzily b. dizzy c. dizzilily. 8. Children should take … in bodily activities. a. them b. one c. part 9. They should be with people … the own age . a. of b. have c. same. 10. Hoa soon got … to busy city traffic. a. use b. uses c. used 11. She could …. the road and she wasn’t scared. a. cross b. cross c. across. 12. I rarely go out because everything is too …… a. expensive b. cheap c. reasonable. 13. The public library in the city has ….. of books. a. thousand b. thousands c. a thousands 14. Hoa enjoys …. Books very much. a. read b. reads c. reading 15. she borrows a lot of books……… in the library. a. from b. by c. for. 16. I’m going to the … center . a. amuse b. amusing c. amusement . 17. He has plenty of homework … tonight . a. to do b. do c. doing . 18. Nam often … an hour a day playing video games. a. takes b. has c. spends. 19. They …. to visit their old friends tomorrow. a. will b. are going c. will be. 20. The doctors think all the children … take part in out door activities with their friend. a. should b. can b. might.