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UNIT 14 Test 2. 1. …. swimming ? _ That’s OK a. How about b. Let’s c. Shall 2. Teenagers like … the latest pop music. a. hearing b. hear c. to hear 3. …….. have dinner at my house ? – Yes. I’d love to. a. Do you like b. Would you like to c. What about. 4. I like to listen to rock music. a. love b. want c. enjoy. 5. She prefers .. part in sports. a. take b. to takes c. taking 6 .That sounds .. to me. a. good b. well c. cheaply. 7. His mother wanted him … some bread. a. buy b. to buy c. buying 8. I’m not busy on Wednesday. a. tired b. late c. free 9. We ….. to listen to the latest music. a. liked b. hates c. love 10. I waited for them … they arrived. a, after b. because c. until. 11. Her car is … mine . a. as big as c. as big so c. so big so. 12. She is going to listen … the radio. a. for b. of c. to 13. .. is a person who watches television. a. Contestant b. Viewer c. Member. 14. Her parents … to do other thing . a. enjoy b. prefer c. takes part in 15. TV viewers can … in some contests. a. take part in b. joins c. interested. 16. Are you free on Thursday? a. not busy b. at home c. out. 17. Some people watched TV … the windows. a. in b. on c. through 18. We …. friends any more. a. are b. aren’t c. for 19. What kinds … program do you like best ? a. of b. from c. for 20. Pop music is the short … of “ popular music” . a. form b. word c. from