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Unit 14. Test 1. 1. Do you like pop music? a. I would b. yes, a lot c. No, I like it 2. Would you like to go to the movies theater tomorrow? a. Yes, I do b. Yes , I like c. I’d love to. 3. I hear it’s a very good film. a. Yes, it’s very exciting. b. No, I don’t hear that. c. Yes, it’s boring. 4. What would you like to do at the weekend? a. I’d like to see a football match. b. I like to do a lot c. I don’t like it. 5. What.. your favorite hobbies? a. is b. are c. am 6. Many people just sit and … TV all evening . a. look b. see c. watch. 7. Are you free … Sunday? a. on b. for c. to 8. What would you like … ? a. to see b. seeing c. see 9. Some students don’t like reading books. - They prefer … computer games. a. to playing b. to play c. play. 10. There are many good programs … teenagers. a. on b. for c. to 11. Which sentence is correct? a. I’m going to seed a dentist tomorrow. b. I’m going seeing a dentist tomorrow. c. I’m going to see a dentist tomorrow. 12. … do you like ? a. What of programs b. What kind of programs. c. What of kind programs. 13. My friends prefer watching video …. a. to listening to music b. than listening to music . c. to listen to music. 14. Do you like visiting museums? a. Yes, I like b. Yes, I do c. No, I don’t 15. Would you like some milk ? a. Yes, please b. No, thanks c. a & b 16. We don’t have a TV … our place. a. at b. in c. on 17. They prefer reading … watching TV a. than b. more than c. to 18. What kinds of … do you like? – I like cartoons. a. books b. films c. pictures. 19. Are you free … Tuesday ? a. in b. with c. on. 20 What would you like … ? – Pop music. a. to watch b. to play c. to listen