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Unit 13 Test 2. 1. Yes, pleased . Can I have a ……. ? I am hungry . a. cup of tea b. sandwich c. a glass of lemonade 2. Come and …… badminton, Nam! a. do b. take c. play 3. I don’t think I can do now . I …. clean my room. a. have b. can c. should 4. It…. me a few more minutes to finish my homework. a. will take b. shall take c. is taking . 5. There are different sports activities at my school but I only take part… jogging. a. on b. at c. in 6. We’ll take a walk instead … riding a bicycle. a. off b. of c. in 7. ….. is a fun, easy and inexpensive activity. a. Walking b. Walk c. Walked . 8. He is a fast driver. He drives very ……. a. fastly b. fast c. faster 9. I can’t go out for a walk now. I … my homework . a. must do b. must to do c. must doing 10. He doesn’t think he … do that work. a. can’t b. can c. cann’t 11. You ought … to the dentist. a. to go b. go c. going 12. …. does your father like ? – He likes tennis a. What’s sport b. What sport c. What sports. 13. Mr. Robinson speaks Vietnamese very …. a. fluently b. skillfully c. good. 14. This river is very … for the swimmers. a. danger b. dangerous c. dangerously. 15. Walking is a good sport…. – It makes us … a. game – healthy b. activity - healthy c. activity – health. 16. I …. stay in bed because I have a bad cold. a. must b. can c. shouldn’t. 17. I like swimming . - ….. a. so do I b. Yes, I do c. I do, too. 18. ……………………………….. – I’d love to. a. Do you like to go swimming ? b. Would you like to go swimming ? c. Shall we go swimming? 19. Yesterday they … to the movie theater. a. go b. went c. are gong 20. I don’t like spinach , ------- a. either b. also c. too.