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Unit 13 Test 1. 1. She sings …. a. beautiful b. nice c. beautifully 2. Everybody wished … this activity. a. keep b. to keep c. keeping 3. He volunteer .. us all in his car. a. take b. taking c. to take. 4. We can learn more about the undersea world … this invention. a. because b. for c. thanks to. 5. The number of participants … every week. a. increase b. increases c. is increase 6. I wish … to the teacher about that. a. explain b. to explain c. explaining 7. … is a person who swims underwater using special equipment. a. Diver b. Scientist c. Cyclist. 8. We are late , thanks to you. a. because b. instead c. because of 9. He said that he would wait … me . a. for b. of c. to 10. We plan … at about 3 o’clock. a. arrive b. to arrive c. arrives. 11. He ought to finish his homework before he plays tennis. a. must b. can c. will 12. Do you like to take part in our club ? a. play b. go c. join 13. I have to finish this question. a. must b. can c. should. 14. They take a walk instead … bicycles trips. a. take b. to take c. of taking. 15. He is learning .. in the lake . a. swim b. to swim c. swimming. 16. ….. is a person who rides a bicycle. a. Scientist b. Cyclist c. Member. 17. My father is a … football player. a. skill b. skillful c. skillfully. 18. He also cycles … a. safe b. safety c. safely. 19. As a child, he … his parents . a. ought to obey b. ought to obeying c. ought obey. 20. ... something to eat ? a. Would you like b. Would you liked c. Would you liked