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Unit 12: Test 2. 1. He ate breakfast 6 hours ago. He … be hungry. a. had to b. must c. ought to 2. Would you like some corn ? - ….. a. Yes, please b. Here it is c. OK, I’ll have some corn . 3. I don’t like durians….. a. too b. either c. neither 4. What vegetables would you like … dinner? a. for b. in c. to 5. My nephew doesn’t like carrots. - …….. a. I don’t like too b. I don’t like neither c. Neither do I 6. Add … salt and pepper to the soup. a. a few b. littles c. a little 7. …… the chickens into thin strips. a. Slice b. Heat c. Boil 8. I like pineapples . - …. do I a. Neither b. So c. Either 9. Her sister ate durians , but her younger brother … a. didn’t b. did c. doesn’t 10. Mom…. a new watch for me on my last birthday. a. buy b. buys c. bought. 11. This papaya isn’t green. It’s … a. small b. ripe c. good. 12. We need some peas and corn. Let’s go to the … stall a. vegetables b. meat c. fruit 13. There are … eggs in the fridge. a. a b. any c. some 14. ‘ I don’t like pork ‘ …………. a. so do I b. So am I c. Neither do I 15. That is the key … a healthy lifestyle. a. of b. for c. to 16. These medicines can make you .. better. a. feel b. to feel c. feeling. 17. I always try to have , balanced ……… a. food b. died c. exercise. 18. This food tastes ……. a. careful b. carefully c. delicious . 19. Could you … the table for lunch ? a. put b. set c. take 20. There was a good selection … meat on the stall. a. for b. of c. at