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Unit 12: Test 1. 1. Hoa feels sick. She ate too… candy last night. a. much b. many c. a lot of 2. She doesn’t like pork, and … does her uncle. a. either b. so c. neither. 3. I would like … some fruit and vegetables. a. buying b. to buy c. buy 4. You must drink … water every day. a. much b. many c. a few. 5. He was busy yesterday and … were his brothers. a. neither b. so c. too 6. She … the beef into thin strips. a. made b. heated c. sliced 7. My mother didn’t wash it but I …. a. did b. didn’t c. so 8. Milk is good … your health . a. to b. with c. for. 9. She … her teeth three times a d ay. a. brushes b. brush c. brushing 10. How … is your brother ? – He’s 1,70 meters. a. high b. tall c. weight. 11. He can speak English very well and … can his sister. a. so b. too c. either. 12. Stop, please. That is too … coffee. a. many b. lots of c. much 13. We don’t attend the meeting tomorrow and … will he. a. neither b. so c. too 14. I am glad … you are feeling better. a. hear b. hearing c. to hear . 15. A balanced diet is good … your health . a. to b. in c. for. 16. After you take some medicines , you will feel … a. well b. better c. a & b 17.She left without … goodbye a. say b. to say c. saying 18. I hate carrots. And I don’t like peas, …. a. so b. either c. too 19.They only eat …. and delicious food. a. healthy b. healthful c. healthily. 20. She is…………….. a. nice b. the nice c. nices