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Unit 11: keep fit, stay healthy. Test 2. 1. They had to fill … their medical records. a. in b. at c. in 2. Were you ever … from school last semester? a. late b. early c. absent. 3. What was wrong … you ? a. to b. with c. about. 4. Yesterday they had a … check up. a. medical b. medicines c. medicine 5. …. is a shop where you can buy medicines and a lot of other things. a. Bakery b. Toy store c. Drug store. . 6. You can go back to the waiting room. a. follow b. return c. get on 7. She will be back .. a few minutes . a. in b. at c. when 8. The map says the hotel is just past the railway station . a. Makes words with it’s mouth b. gives information. c. thinks something. 9. What’s your surname? a. middle b. full name c. family name. 10. … is a condition of the body when it is too hot because of illness. a. Fever b. Cold c. Cough 11. Follow …, please . a. I b. me c. my. 12. She is 145 centimeters ….. a. tall b. heavy c. old. 13. I need … your height . a. measuring b. to measure c. measure. 14. How …. is Nga ? – She is 36 kilos. a. high b. weight c. heavy. 15. … you lend me your pen , please ? a. Would b. Can c. Do 16. You should … your hands before meals. a. to wash b. washing c. wash 17. The medicines …. the pain in my chest. a. prevented b. relieved c. protected 18. The nurse told Hoa … to the waiting room. a. to return b. returning c. return 19. Everybody … the symptoms , but nobody … a cure . a. know – knows b. knows – know c. knows – knows 20. ……………………………… - I’m one meter fifty centimeters. a. What’s your weight ? b. how height are you ? c. What is your height?