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Unit 11: keep fit, stay healthy. Test 1. 1. Nam was ill so the doctor … his temperature. a. hold b. took c. had 2. The doctor wanted to weigh Nam so he asked Nam to get … the scale. a. in b. into c. on 3. Where … you yesterday? a. are b. did c. were . 4. I was … home all day yesterday. a. at b. in c. into. 5. …. didn’t you go to school yesterday? a. How b. Where c. Why 6. I … a bad cold and a headache . a. was b. had c. took. 7. … do you feel now ? a. Where b. How c. why. 8. There is only one disease … common : the common cold. a. called b. calling c. call 9. Is there a cure … the common cold? a. on b. with c. for. 10. Every year millions of people … the cold. a. caught b. catching c. catch 11. The … of the cold are a runny nose , a slight fever, coughing and sneezing. a. appearances b. cures c. symptoms. 12. At the drugstore , there are usually shelves … cold ” cures” a. of b. for c. with. 13. The cold “cures” don’t cure a cold, but they … the symptoms. a. help b. prevent c. relieve. 14. What ever people do , the cold will …. for a few days and then disappear. a. be b. last c. do 15. To help people … the cold , eat well and exercise. a. prevent b. bring c. cure, 16. The students are waiting … the teacher. a. to b. for c. at 17. She needs … those medicines . a. has b. to have c. having. 18. Our teacher told us … this book. a. read b. to read c. reading. 19. I had a horrible cold . a. terrible b. great c. nice 20. The … of flu include a headache , a high temperature and aches in the body. a. symptom b. symptoms c. cure