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UNIT 10 : HEALTH AND HYGIENE Test 2 1. She looks tired. What’s the .. with her? a. matter b. happen c. wrong. 2. Minh is absent today… he is ill. a. why b. because c. when 3. … come to the meeting last night ? – Because I was busy. a. why did you b. When did you c. Why didn’t you. 4. …. did she go to the dentist last night ? a. When b. Why c. Who. 5. You shouldn’t too much sweet things … It’s not good for your teeth. because b. because of c. so 6. I hope that she .. better soon. a. will feel b. to feel c. feeling. 7. She had to work … a. hard b. hardly c. difficult. 8. I was very happy … Mark again yesterday. a. see b. to see c. seeing. 9. …. are her parents busy now ? a. Why b. who c. what 10. I … to see you tomorrow. a. enjoy b. hope c. k now . 11. Few people like … on the farm . a. work b. to work c. working. 12. He’s bad … history. a. in b. to c. at 13. Every day, I get up early to … morning exercises. a. do b. takes c. make. 14. Her parents are pleased … she is taking morning exercises now. a. so b. because c. why 15. We ought not to eat too much candy because it’s bad … us. a. with b. of c. for. 16. Her mother wanted her … early . a. get b. to get c. getting. 17.The dentist smiled … him kindly. a. with b. at c. to 18. I have a toothache so I’m going to the ….. a. nurse b. doctor c. dentist. 19. I’m very nervous before the test a. worried b. pleased c. serious. 20. When … you have to go to the dentist yesterday? a. did b. do c. doing.