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UNIT 10 : HEALTH AND HYGIENE Test 1. 1.Don’t forget to wash … before meals . a. feet b. hands c. teeth 2. … to brush your teeth everyday . a. It’s very important b. It’s not very important c. it’s important very. 3. My aunt tells us a lot … you . a. of b. about c. at 4. Wash vegetables and fruit before …. a. cooking and eating b. to cook and to eat. C. cook and eat. 5. … do you brush your teeth? a. How many times a day b. How often c. A & b. 6. What’s the matter ? a. very pain toothache b. very painful toothache c. very toothache painful. 7. What do you do … yourself clean and tidy? a. keep b. keeping c. to keep. 8. I know how to take care .. myself. a. of b. about c. off. 9. The dentist … a cavity in my tooth. a. filled b. made c. stopped. 10.a When do you take exercise? b. Why do you take exercise ? c. do you take exercise every morning ? -Because it’s good for my health. 11. What does a dentist look after? - She looks after people’s …… a. hands b. feet c. teeth 12. Lien looks worried because she always … to brush her teeth. a. forget b. forgets c. to forget. 13. Most children feel … when they come to see the dentist. a. scared b. sad c. happy. 14. Hoa … up early and does some exercise every day. a. gets b. getting c. got. 15. …. do you go to bed ? a. What’s the time b. what time c. what the time. 16. I received a letter … my aunt last week. a. of b. to c. from. 17. Don’t eat too … candy . a. much b. many c. lots of. 18. Are you scared …… seeing the dentist ? a. of b. in c. at 19. Wash your hands … meals . a. after b. in c. before 20. Remember …. your teeth after meals . a. brush b. to brush c. brushing.