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UNIT 7 Test 1 1. The summer vacation … for almost three months. a. longs b. lasts c. is 2. My sister loves … stamps. a. collect b. to collect. c. collecting. 3. I … come and see you sometime. a. will b. am c. don’t. 4. What will you do .. your vacation? a. to b. in c. during 5. My brother likes watching soccer . --……….. a. I like, too b. So like c. I am , too. 6. Mr. Tuan has … days off than Mr. Jones. a. many b. less c. fewer. 7. Jane is … beautiful than her sister. a. more b. the most c. fewer. 8. Thanh helps children to learn . She is a …. a. doctor b. musician c. teacher. 9. Which Vietnamese vacation is … ? a. the longest b. long c. longest. 10. Mr. Jones repairs machines in a factory. He’s a ….. a. a shop assistant b. a mechanic c. farmer. 11. I find this book ….. a. is interesting b. interesting c. is interested. 12. He usually works very .. before tests. a. hard b. hardly c. keen . 13. She works .. hours than any worker. a. few b. few c. more. 14. Our class starts .. than her classes. a. early b. earlyer c. earlier. 15. It.. her two hours each day to do her homework. a. take b. takes c. need. 16. My birthday is … April 4th . a. in b. on c. when 17. A cage for chicken is a …. a. chicken shed b. chicken coop c. buffalo shed. 18. At recess, … activity is talking . a. more popular b. most popular c. the most popular. 19. This book is … interesting of the three. a. most b. the most c. more. 20 Every morning, I wake up and have my … . a. dinner b. lunch c. breakfast.