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UNIT 1 Test 2: 1. … do you go to school ? – By bike a. How b. What c. Who 2. How … is it from your home to school? a. long b. distance c. far. 3. She lives in HaNoi but her parents … in Hue. a. still live b. lives c. live still 4. My father never drinks … coffee for breakfast. a. much b. many c. more. 5. This tree is … that tree. a. taller to b. taller c. taller than . 6. …is your new dress ? a. Where b. what c. How. 7 . Base ball is different … soccer. a. from b. of c. for. 8. She doesn’t have … friends. a. much b. many c. more . 9. Hoa works … other students in her class. a. harder than b. more hard than c. harder to. 10. …… are you so late ? a. Why b. What c. How. 11. Jane and I are .. the same class …. school ? a. at/ at b. in/ in c. on / at 12 . We live …. 23 Nguyen Trai street. a. at b. on c. of. 13. Do you know … people ? a. much b. many c. lot 14. Jane drives … than Jack. a. carefuller b. carefullier c. more carefully. 15. … are the tickets ? I think they are two dollars each. a. How much b. How many c. What prices. 16. She doesn’t have … friends at her school. a. many b. some c. a 17. How far is it … your house … school? a. at/ to b. between/ and c. from / to. 18. Mr. Jones can’t see you now – he’s busy. a. out b. at home c. sick 19. They usually buy….. milk . a. much b. a c. many. 20. Hello , I …. Kate. a. am b. is c. be.