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UNIT 1 Test 1. 1. … class are you in? a. Where b. How many c. Which 2. She doesn’t have … picture books. a. some b. many c. a lot 3. I like swimming, and … does my sister. a. so b. too c. but 4. Her parents live … Ha Noi. a. on b. at c. in 5. Ha Noi is a big city, but it is … than Ho chi Minh city. a. the smaller b. smaller c. smallest . 6. I live …. 24/3b Tran Phu street. a. in b. at c. on 7. … is it from here to school ? - About two kilometers. a. How far b. How high c. How long. 8. Minh … television every night . a. watchs b. watches c. watching. 9. Hello, Nga … to meet you again . a. hi b. nice c. gladly. 10. …. is our new classmate. Her name is Hoa. a. It b. Her c. This 11. She is … Hue. a. on b. from c. for. 12. Her parents still live there … her grand parents. a. for b. at c. with . 13. … of people like playing sports. a. Many b. A lot c. Lot . 14. I don’t have … friends in Hue. a. many b. lots c. a lot of . 15. … you still miss your parents ? a. Are b. Do c. Does. 16. Many things …. different. a. is b. do c. are 17. Lan is … than Hoa . a. taller b. tall c. tallest . 18. This test is …. difficult than that one . a. more b. very c. most 19. ….color do you like? a. What b. where c. who 20. … are you talking to ? a. Who b. Which c. Where.