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Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Choose the best answers to complete the following sentences.
1. The villagers are trying to learn English _____ they can communicate with foreign customers.
A. so that B. in order that C. although D. A and B are coect

2. I’ve been to a _____ village in Hue!
A. conical hat making B. making conical hat C. making conical hats D.hat making conical
3. _____ we had eaten lunch, we went to Non Nuoc male village to buy some souvenirs.
A. After B. Before C. By the time D. Because

4. Do you think that the various crafts remind people _____ a specific region?
A. about B. of C. for D. at
5. _____ this hand-emoidered picture was expensive, we bought it.
A. As B. Because C. Even though D. so that
6. Conical hat making in the village has been passed _____ from generation to generation
A. on B. down C. up D.in
7. This department store is an attraction in my city _____ the products are of good quality.A. when B. because C.though D.
8. A conical hat is a well-known handicraft, not only in Viet Nam, _____ all around the world.
A. and B. but C. so D. or
9. This is called a Chuong conical hat _____ it was made in Chuong village.
A. but B. so C. since D. because of
10. They can’t because we have lots of products. They make some and other people make__________.
A. the rest B. the last C. the other D. others
11. I look forward to _____ you soon.
A. see B. seeing C. seen D. saw
12. It’s a nice place for _____ who love nature and quietness.
A. this B. that C. those D. the other
13. You like history, so Viet Nam National Museum of History is a _____ place.
A. must-see B. must-be seen C. must-be seeing D. to see
14. The artisan ______ this statue in onze.
A. moulded B. cast C. carved D. knitted
15. The artisans in my village can live _____ basket weaving.
A. for B. on C. up D.in
16. There is a big _____of handicrafts made by di­fferent craft villages.
A. collect B. collection C. collector D.collecting
17. Last week we had a memorable trip to a new zoo on the ______ of the city.
A. outskirts B. middle C. centre D.mid
18. Then we had a delicious lunch ______ by Nga and Phuong.
A. prepare B. to prepare C. prepared D.preparing
19. I invited her to join our trip to Trang An, but she ______ down my invitation.
A. passed B. sat C. turned D.closed
20. We have to try harder so that our handicrafts can keep _____ theirs.
A. on B. up C. up with D.up down
21. The flower was _______ out of a single piece of valuable wood.

A. carved B. moulded C. cast D. given
22. In this town, they _______ all the frames in steel.
A. make B. have C. mould D. cast
23. She is skilled at_______ cloth.
A. giving B. carving C. doing D. weaving
24. We didn’t go camping yesterday _________ it rained heavily.
A. because B. although C. despite D. In spite of
25.I wish I _________ his name.
A. knew B. know C.will know D. would know
26. If you like , I can _______ flowers on the cushion covers for you.
A. emoider B. make C.grow D. knit
27. Please turn _______ the light when you leave the room.
A. on B. off C.up D. down
28.It is true that you _______ this woollen hat yourself ?
A. wove B. knitted C.did D. carved
29. I love going to this place______it's the quietest place in the city,
A. so B. though C. so that D. as
30. They keep changing the decoration of the shop ______they can attract more young people.
A. so that B. because C. although D. when
31. ________ she's young, she's the most famous artisan in the village.
A. When B. Although C. Whereas D. In order to
32. Do you know who's­­­­­­________ his pottery workshop?
A inging out B taking over C. passing down D. turning down
33. I've ________ the product catalogue and decided to buy this table.
A found out B. closed down C. looked through D. lived on
34. This sports centre is so small that it cannot ________the demands of local residents.
A keep up with B. face up to C. deal about D set up
35.Nam went to Hue city________ he could take some beautiful photos.
A. when B. although C. while D. so that
36. The city has recently set _____ a liary in the West Subu.
A. up B. off C. out D. down
37. The last exhibition was not ______ this one.
A. as interesting B. more interesting than C. so interesting as D. interesting38. I don’t think Fred gets _____ with Daniel. They always argue.A. over B. through C. on D. in
39. This city is developing ______ in the region.A. as fast as B. faster than C. the fastest D. faster
40. You should take your hat _____ in the cinema.A. in B. over C. off D. down
41. You’re not a safe driver! You should drive ______.
A. careful B. careless C. more carefully D. carefully
42. Their children have all grown _____ and left home for the city to work.A. up B. out C. out of D. in
43. I was disappointed as the film was ______ than I had expected.

A. as entertaining B. less entertaining C. more entertaining D. entertaining
44. We were shown _____ the town by a volunteer student.A. up B. off C. around D. on
45. Let’s take this road. It is ______ way to the city.A. the shortest B. a shorter C. shortest D. A and B are coect
46. The town council decided to pull _____ the building, as it was unsafe.
A. up B. over C. down D. in
47. At weekends the city centre is always packed with people.
A. busy B. crowded C. full D. quite
48. She lives in one of the most ______ parts of the city: there are lots of luxury shops there.
A. fashionable B. historic C. comfortable D. exciting
49. China is _____ far the most populated country in the world.
A. as B. by C. so D. to
50. Air pollution has a bad influence _____ the environment.
A. at B. in C. on D. to
51. Karachi in Pakistan is the _____ largest city in the world in population.
A. most B. two C. second D. three
52. Before ______ to the office, she has to take her children to school.
A. go B. going C. to go D. went
53. Hai Duong is famous _____ its green bean cakes.
A. for B. of C. with D. in
54.When I turned up, the town hall was already ______ teenagers.
A. full B. packed C. crowded D. jammed
55. We’ve spent a lot of time _____ around the town.
A. wander B. wandering C. to wander D. wandered

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Ex1: Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences

1. You ................. miss any of the meetings. They're always useful.

A. needn't B. should C. shouldn't D. can

2. She is famous ......... her intelligence. She designs many special styles for Ao dai.

A. in B. for C. with D. into

3. I think someone .................. talk to the boss. We can't works extra hours on Saturday.

A. have to B. should C. don't have to D. shouldn't

4. We reached the house after ............. for almost an hour.

A. cycled B. to cycle C. cycling D. cycle

5. At school, the teacher and students ........................ follow the rules.

A. has to B. have to C. need to D. haven't to

6. He .................... try to be a bit more punctual. It's rude to be late here.

A. shouldn't B. should C. couldn't D. ws able to

7. Would you like to go ........ a walk ........ the park this after noon?

A. to - at B. for - at C. to - in D.for - in

8. The buses were very .............. this morning. We can't go to the church with you in time.

A. crowd B. crowded C. full D. busy

9. We ..................... wear uniform at school from Monday to Saturday. That's good way and equal to everyone.

A. have to B. haven't to C. could D. must

10. Anna .............. change her hair style because the old one doesn't suit her any more

A. could B. has to C. have to D. doesn't have to

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