Hỏi đáp Ngữ văn lớp 7

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?


1. they were selling things when the fight began

2. you must have seen the prices in the shop window

3.i wish you had met me at the station

4. you have to make the greatest effort in fulfilling the plan in time

5. somebody mus do sonething for these poor men

6. no one paid him for the work

7. the other told the student where to sit

8. did nobody ever teach you how to behave ?

9. they will speak to me

10. they believed that these boys had lernt the subject

11. i want you to do this exercise

12. the teacher made us do a lot of homework

13. i don't think anyone can do it

14. i want you to leave me alone

15. did they say anything interesting ?

16. she found the woman crying

17. what did they pay you for doing the job?

18. i will send you the good as soon as they are available

19. peope say he was the best writer of his time

20. her beauty made him crazy

21. chldren couldn't heve done this damge

22. you shout but your money to good use of leaving it idle in the bank

23. smoke filled the kitchen

24. pants covered the gold lock

25. we are doing these exercises given by the teacher

26. the ought to tell us how much they expect of us

27. he hates peole keeping him waiting

28. i saw him walk down the road

29 i noticed him beaten badly

30. he likes people to call him professor

31. you had better clean the floor

32. they happenned to see the ghost

33. why didn't you either lock your car or put in into the grage?

34. didn't they tell you to be here by 6 o'clock ?

35. a thief stole my dog and broughr him back only when i offered $20 reward for him

36. someone told me not to open the door

37. i will bring him to the court unless he pay me back $20 000

38. it is rumounred that she has killed herself

39. he didn't talk about anyone here

40. nobody caught him unclock the safe

41. she never lets her children go out by themselves

42. he begins to take his children out in the evening


1. people should save pandas fromextinction

2. peole must obey all traffic laws

3. someone ought to repair this broken window

4. someone shoul have supplied the hotel guests with clean towels

5. someone had better take this garbage to the dump soon

6. people can pick tomatoes before they are completely

7. someone must have hurt Petter's felling

8. someone has to finish this work today

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