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Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

I. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence. 1. Villagers are more kind, friendly and warm-hearted than city . A. dwellers B. foreigners C. beginners D. movers 2. You can see the of the suburbs in Ho Chi Minh City with many apartment buildings, supermarkets, shopping centres, and schools. A. urban area B. convenience C. urban sprawl D. living condition 3. Dong Khoi Street is the main shopping street in the of downtown in Ho Chi Minh City. A. mind B. heart C. head D. spot 4. It is considered that life in a city is wonderful and . A. funny B. boring C. enjoyable D. helpful 5. No city in America has monuments and museums into one area as Washington, DC. A. as much B. such many C. as many D. a few 6. My passport last month, so I will have to get a new one. A. elapsed B. expired C. ended D. terminated 7. The department is also deeply in various improvement schemes. A. connected B. entailed C. involved D. implied 8. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any of it at all. A. interpretation B. meaning C. intelligibility D. sense 9. The main attraction of the job was that it offered the to do the research. A. possibility B. proposal C. opportunity D. prospect 10. I wish you’d tell me what I do in this difficult situation. A. shall B. would C. should D. ought 11. A competitor may submit any number of entries , each one is accompanied by a packet top. A. supposing B. notwithstanding C. assuredly D. provided 12. They always kept on good with their next-door neighbours for the children’s sake. A. friendship B. relations C. will D. terms 13. He earns his living by old paintings. A. reviving B. restoring C. reforming D. replenishing 14. Hotel rooms must be by noon, but luggage may be left with the porter. A. vacated B. evacuated C. abandoned D. left 15. The majority of nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a . A. rarity B. minority C. scarcity D. minimum

Chủ đề:

Luyện tập tổng hợp

Câu hỏi:

II.Choose the best one (A,B,C or D) to complete the sentence.

1.In 1990,due to the change of the economic situation,Dong Ho paintings were difficult to sell and many _______quit their job.

A.craftsmen B.crafts C.craftsmanship D.craft unions

2.The Van Phuc silk producers have expended their silk garment goods___________they can satisfy the varied demand for their silk. that order to C.despite D.because

3.It turned out that we______________rushed to the airport as the plane was delayed by several hours.

A.hadn't B.should have C.needn't have D.mustn't

4.Weaving mats in Định Yên,Đồng Tháp used to be sold in the "ghost" markets set up at night and operate up to early morning_____________the government built a new market five years ago.

A.after soon as C.when D.until

5.Since changing the way of production,many craftsmen have voluntarily joined together to form___________.

A.cooperatives B.cooperative C.cooperates D.cooperation

6.I don't like to ask people for help but I wonder if you could______me a favour.

A.make C.find D.pick

7.Nowadays,Tan Chau artisans can produce silk of multiple colours____________they can meet customers' demands.

A.but order that

8.Situated on the bank of the Duong river,the village was famous for the__________of making Dong Ho paintings.

A.manufacture B.activity C.craft D.production

9.There was no_______________in continuing for him the race was over.

A.value B.worth C.point C.profit

10._____________a large number of the country's crafts villages are suffering from a shortage of human resources and difficulties in building brand recognition,many international organizations have had projects to help them.

A.Even B.Although C.However B.But

11.Vietnamese traditional___________is done with a simple hammer and chisel.

A.sculptured feature B.sculptor C.sculpture pieces D.sculpture

12.This cloth_________very thin.

A.feels B.touches C.holds D.handles

13.It was only______________he told me his surname that T realized that we had been to the same school. A.until B.when C.since D.then

14.________________a majority of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises do not have in-house designers or specialized design staff,they have to hire freelance designers.

A.While B.Since C.Due to D.Despite the fact