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Exercise 1. Fill in each blank with a suitable verb going with “UP” Clear Draw Turn Set Stay Pick Look Go Make Do Give Speak Bring Hold Take Get Put Sum

1. That’s the third time train fares have ___________ up this year.

2. When I’m in holiday, I can lie in bed and ________ up when I feel like it.

3. So to ________ up then, we need money urgently

4. It’s a formal party so you’ll have to _________ up for it.

5. Their parents said they could ________ up to watch the late night film.

6. If there’s a word that you don’t understand, _______ it up in your dictionary.

7. I’ll _______ you up outside your office at 6 o’clock.

8. It’ll be dull at first but the weather should ________ up in the afternoon.

9. A large car _______ up and a tall man stepped out.

10. After my parents’ death, I was _________ up by my aunts.

11. Could you _________ the radio up a bit? I want to listen to the weather forecast.

12. The traffic was _________ up because of an accident.

13. Is he coming or isn’t he? I wish he’d ________ up his mind.

14. After he went bankrupt. He tried to _________ up a new business in his wife’s name.

15. The house needs decorating. We’ll have it ________ up this summer.

16. I ________ up golf after the doctor told me I should get more exercises.

17. I’m sure she _______ up that story about being in a film.

18. You’ll have to ______ up because he’s a bit deaf.

19. The hotels are full, so could you ________ me up for a couple of nights.

20. I _________ up smoking in May and haven’t had a cigarrette since.

21. I __________ up a few words of Japanese when I went there a holiday last year

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