nguyễn dũng

1. I found out about bombings _____ the internet.

A. at               B. in               C. on           D. above

2. You _____ the washing-up and I’ll do the drying.

A. make             B. do               C. create                D. finish

3. Which musical _____ do you play?

A. instrument           B. device             C. tool            D. appliance

4. The foreign minister admitted he was still _____ about the alarming situation in the country.

A. excited               B. anxious             C. eager             D. surprised

5. I know she’s offered to babysit, but I don’t want her to think we’re taking _____ of her.

A. notice            B. opportunity            C. chance             D. advantage

6. The information _____ the website is free and perfectly legal.

A. on             B. at             C. in                D. about

7. Drug trafficking is a matter of considerable concern for the entire international _____.

A. society          B. environment           C. community           D. culture

8. In those days, it was not _____ for men to wear shirts without ties.

A. acceptable          B. accept          C. acceptably             D. acceptance

9. That is a _____ achievement, but it represents an enormous challenge as well.

A. giant        B. high            C. great           D. strong

10. Sarah was just talking to her friends _____ Simon’s new girlfriend.

A. for               B. in               C. about                  D. towards

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