8633 Phúc Tiến

5. Today, women can ____________ for leaders of their countries, but they couldn’t do
that before.
A. choose B. stick C. vote D. click
6. Violins, drums, and flutes are all ________________.
A. wind instruments B. percussion instruments
C. stringed instruments D. musical instruments
7. ________________ begins at 5a.m. That’s when I wake up.
A. work B. daily routine C. free time D. relaxing
8. I ________________ with my friends once a month in the mountains near my house.
A. have a barbecue B. go skateboarding
C. play table tennis D. go mountain biking
9. They often spend an hour __________ English.
A. practice B. practicing C. to practice D. practiced
10. We _________ two new rackets yesterday.
A. buy B. are buying C. bought D. buys
11. They got married five years ago.
A. were best friends B. became a husband or wife
C. got older D. got rich
12. Peter has to do a lot of ________: cleaning his bedroom, watering the plants and
walking the dog.
A. chores B. homework C. schoolwork D. exercises
13. I have a pottery class ________ Monday.
A. in B. at C. to D. on
14. In England, the ________ often wears a white dress on her wedding day.
A. bride B. groom C. son D. uncle
15. My dog eats so much food! I ________ him three times a day.
A. feed B. collect C. enjoy D. help
16. I help my mother look after my little sister after school because she is ________ work.
A. at B. for C. in D. from
17. Jenni: “Would you like to meet her?”- Anna: “_______________”
A. No, I’m busy tomorrow. B. Yes, I’d love some.
C. Go ahead! D. Yes, I’d love to.
18. Hoa: “Hello, Nam. This is my cousin, Thu.” - Nam: –“______”
A. Hello, thank you. B. Nice to meet you, too.
C. It’s great. D. How do you do, Thu?

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