Unit 9 : UNDERSEA WORLD - Hỏi đáp

1 ; There is wedding .......... for all the guests after the wedding ceremony .

A: proposal B: reception C: anniversary D: celebration

2; A ....... is the person who keeps the bride calm , help her ready and looks after her dress .

A: groom B: bridegroom C: bridesmaid D : groomsman

4: As a country with many mysteries and legends , Vietnam has kept various .......beliefs about daily activities .

A: supertition B: supertitious C: supertitive D : supertitiously

5; I see a lot of ....... between Vietnamese and British cultures .

A: similar B ; similarly C: similarity D: similarities

6; Jack and Rose need the .......... of their parents before a wedding ceremony .

A: approve B: approving C: approval D: approvable

7; ........... against women and girls should be eliminated when government and people co-operate .

A: equality B: discrimination C: dissatisfaction D: disbelief

8; She has a preference ...... a teacher over a doctor .

A: for B: in C: at D: of

9 ; The government will soon ........the proplem of inequality in wages .

A: establidsh B: address C: sue D: abplish

10; the team paid a .........price for its lack of preparation .

A: heavy B: dirty C: light D: expensive

11; In order ti ....... a man's job , brenda had to work very hard .

A: work B: pursue C: enroll D : prefer

12; In the past , our grandparents had a ........... for grand-sons over grabd-daughters .

A: discrimination B: equality C: rights D: preference

13; Men and women should be given equal rights ...........education ang employment .

A: in B: to C: for D: at

14 : Gender discrimination cannot ....... people from doing a job of dream .

A: pay B: address C: advocate D: discriminate

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