Unit 9: Cities of the future

Aaron Lycan
24 tháng 4 lúc 21:10

    Technology has been progressing at a great rate over the past few decades. I think that in a few centuries, the world will be very different. 

     Perhaps, in the year 2080, the world will be entirely computerized. Every household will have a mainframe which linked to all other systems. Adults don't have to go to work and children need not to go to school as everything can be done at home. Probably, by then, humans will not even have to take food in the form of meat, vegetables and rice to survice. Tablets containing the ideal proportion of the essential nutrients will be enough for us.

       Robots could become so cheap that every household could afford a few of them. Life will be easy and comfortable will all the household chores being done by the robots. Visiting relatives during New Year will not be nessary any more. All that the Vietnamese need to do is switch on the mainframe and exchange greetings through the big screen. Children could still get their "ang pows", but not directly. The money will be credited to their bank accounts using the mainframe.

    I think in the year 2080, people will use energy from nature like solar energy, wind, hydrogen instead of coal and oil.

       All these changes are just my own idea of what life in the future could be like. I wonder if they will come true.

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