Unit 9: At home and a way - Hỏi đáp

1. Choose the word having the underlined part pronounced differently in each line.

1. A. station B. mistake C. lane D. many

2. A. ready B. break C. aheah D. dead

3. A. freight B. vein C. ceilling D. neighbour

4. A. pretty B. depend C. left D. expensive

5. A. straight B. pain C. said D. afraid

2. Read the following dialogue and choose the best answer for each blank.

Mr. Minh: The traffic (1) ........... much worse now.

Mr. Thanh: Yes, it (2) ......... easy to park in the city center.

Mr.Minh: That's right.

Mr.Thanh: I remember when you could park outside (3) ......... shop you were going to.

Mr. Minh: Yes, you could park (4) ........ at all at one time, but now there (5) ......... parking meters everywhere.

Mr. Thanh: And they turned so many of the roads (6) ........... one-way streets now.

Mr. Minh: I know

Mr.Thanh: It will take a while before everyone becomes (7) ........ with it.

Mr.Minh: Actually, I miss the good old days when we (8) ...... to the shops. (9) ..... were no cars at all on the roads then.

Mr. Thanh: Mind you, I must say I prefect (10) ....... by cars!

1.A. got B. is getting C. used to get D. getting

2.A. would be B. used to be C. is being D. use being

3. A. some B. any C. much D. many

4.A. anywhere B. somewhere C. nowhere D. everywhere

5.A. is B. are C. was D. were

6.A. to B. in C. into D. onto

7.A. friendly B. usual C. common D. familiar

8.A. cycle B. cycled C. used to cycling D. used to cycle

9.A. There B. That C. Their D. These

10.A. travel B. travelled C. travelling D. to travelling

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