Unit 8 : Country life and City life - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

II.Choose the best answer among A,B,C or D that best completes each sentence or substitutes the underlined words or phrases.
1.The people from rural areas feel that the city offers them more___
A.harversts B.crops C.results D.opportunities
2.This is a problem___government around the world.
A.supporting B.facing C.standing D.looking
3.There has been no rain for months.The___ is terrible
A.flood B.drought C.rain D.rain
4.They are leaving behind their international___of life and moving in the city.
A.road B.street C.way D.route
5.The air in the countryside is often___
A.beautiful B.peaceful C.clean D.queit
6.Many (remote) areas are getting electricity.
A.crowded B.urban C.distant D.near
7.They believe that well-paying jobs are (plentiful) in the city
A.easy B.abundant C.normal D.rare
8.Life in the provinces is (definitely) changing for the better.
A.certainly B.rapidly C.slowly D.partly
9.Medical facilities are more easily (accessible).
A.difficult B.difficult to buy C.easy to get to D.easy to see
10.The increase in population has put a (strain) on schools and hospitals
A.result B. case C.effort D.presssure
11.There is nothing exciting___in the countryside.
A.doing B.do C.to do D.done
12.He went to school late because he was stuck in the___this morning.
A.rush-hour B.traffic jam C.traffic lights D.crossroads
13.The children had great ___ when they went to fair
A.excitement B.funny C.interesting D.comfortable
14.We are___ into our new house on saturday
A.morning B.entering C. arriving D.catching
15.Her grandmother is the___in the village.
A.older B.elder C.oldest D.old
16.The results were not as___ as people thought they were
A.important B.more improtant C.the most important D.most important
17.The streets look___after the activities of the students.
A.cleaner B.more clean C.more cleaner D.cleanest
18.John and Paul are brothers,but who's___?
A.the oldest B.the eldest C.older D.old
19.Which one is___,milk or orange juice?
A.good B.better C.the best D.best
20.London is___capital city in Europe.
A.large B.larger C.most large D.the largest
III.Underline that needs correcting
1.The weather is getting colder and more colder.
2.Who is the cleverest student in of your class?
3.The United States is much more bigger than Viet Nam.
4.The sun is going down and it is got dark.
5.The house is more expensive to the apartment.
IV.Make sentences from the given words or phrases
1.Women/have/morden devices/do/their housework
2.We/not/visit/our grandparents/this Sunday
3.My brother/more/careful drive/I am
4.My friend/visit/me/next weekend.
5.She/go/theater/her friends/tonight/see/a play.
6.His parents/come/Ho Chi Minh city/next Saturday/spend/Christmas/him.

1 câu trả lời

1. No one can fly kites better than Hung in my village.

- Hung flies kites ________________________________

2. People living in cities have to drive more carefully than those living in the countryside.

- People living in the countryside don't have to drive so __________________________________

3. It is more difficult for people to find jobs in the countryside than in cities.

- People find it _________________________________________

4. I have never seen such a beautiful picture before.

- This is the most _______________________________________

5. His house is the biggest one in the village.

- None of house in the village __________________________________

6. It is better for farmers to harvest their crops earlier than usual because of the bad weather.

- In the bad weather, the earlier farmers harvest their crops, __________________________________

7. More and more people love to live in the countryside than in cities.

- More and more people prefer ____________________________________

8. Some people think country folk are friendlier than city people.

- Some people think city people are not so______________________________

9. I haven't returned my village for 5 years.

- It is _____________________________

10. A couple of father and his child spend at least 3 dáy and 2 nights living in a village in the program of "Daddy, where are we going?"

- It takes________________________________________________________________

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