Unit 8 : Country life and City life - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Ex 3. Complete these dialogues with expressions for the requests, offers or promises.

1 .A: It’s so cold. (you/ close/ the windows?)

Could you close the window, please?

B: Ok. I’ll do it now.

2. A: I feel tired and thirsty.

B: Well. (you/ like/ some cold drink?)

A: (That/ nice)

3. A: You must bring her back before 4.30.

B: OK. ( I / promise/ we/ back/ on time)

4. A: Oh! I cut myself. (you/ give/ a bandage?)

B: Sure. Here you are.

5. A: Please go this way, sir. (I/ carry/ bags?)

B: No, thank you.

6. A: Here is your report card. I think you should work harder on your Math and English.

B: Yes, Mom. ( I / try/ best/ improve/ them)

7. A: The room is in a mess. (you/ tidy it up?)

B : I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m very busy at the moment.

8. A: I need some help.

B: ______(What/ I/ do/ you?)

A: I’m going to the Museum this morning, but I don’t have a bike.

B : _____ ( I/ lend/ you/ my bike)

Ex 4. Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions.

1. The girl fell her bike and hit her head ……… the road.

2. The policeman asked me to phone ……. an ambulance.

3. You’d better put pressure …… the wound.

4. The ambulance will be there ….. about 10 minutes.

5. Don’t overheat the victim ….. blankets or coats.

6. How will we contact …… him?

7. Thanks …… your praise. It really cheers me ……….

8. Will you come ……..to my house on the weekends?

9. Please contact with us…….the phone number 0984. 888. 333.

10. Nga is waiting ….. a bus…… the bus station.

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Test for unit 8

I. Choose the best answer.

1. Please let Helen (go/ to go/ going/ goes) with you.

2. The exam was quite (more easily/ more easy/ easier than/ easier as) we expected.

3. What’s (good/ better/ the best/ well) film you’ve ever seen?

4. He (wins/ won/ has won/ is winning) five gold medals since the beginning of the Sea Games.

5. The students are playing (happy/ happier/ happiest/ happily) in the schoolyard.

6. I’m going away (since/ in/ for/ during) a few days.

7. My friend suggested (to go/ go/ going/ goes) by bus.

8. She told me (giving/ to give/ gave/ given) you this dictionary.

II. Use the word given and other words to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the firs.

1. The last time I saw him was in 1986. (seen). I haven’t

2. When did you begin to learn English? (learned). How long

3. Are you and Jane the same age? (old). Are you as

4. I expected my friends to arrive at 4 o’clock, but they arrived at 2.30. (earlier). My friends ..............

5. No one in the group is younger than Joanna. (youngest). Joanna is ..........................................

6. “Don’t walk on the grass,” the gardener said to the us. (told). The gardener .............................

III. Fill in each blank with one suitable word.

Great Britain is (1) _____ a large country. It is much smaller (2) _____ France. It (3) _____ four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England is the largest part (4) _____ the country and has always been the strongest. English is the national (5) ______ in all parts of Britain. All the people (6) _____ live in Britain can speak (7) _____, but not all the people (8) ______ English in that country.

IV. Put the verb into the present simple, present progressive, simple future or Be going to.

1. I’m a bit thirsty. I think I _____ (have) something to drink.

2. Why are you putting on your coat? _____ you _____ (go) somewhere?

3. Look! That plane is flying toward the airport. It _____ (land).

4. Do you think An ______ (like) the present we bought for her?

5. We must do something soon before it _____ (be) too late.

6. Are you still watching that program? What time _____ it ______ (end)?

7. I ______ (go) to London next week for a wedding. My sister _____ (get) married.

8. I’m not ready yet. I ______ (tell) you when I ______ (be) ready. I promise I _____ (not/ be) very long.

9. “Where _____ you _____ (go)?” – “To the hairdresser’s. I ______ (have) my hair cut.

10. What do you plan to do when you ______ (finish) your course at college?

V. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition.

1. I’m interested _____ farming.

2. My grandmother prefers living in the countryside ____ living in the city.

3. He spent his whole life struggle ____ imperialism.

4. He got used ____ the noise.

5. Hold ____ a minute while I get my breath back.

6. My parents are tired ____ living in the city.

7. Are you free ____ Sunday afternoon?

8. She’s still looking ____ a job.

VI. Write the comparative form or superlative form of the words in brackets.

1. Sport is __________ politics. (interesting)

2. Can’t you think of anything ___________ to say? (intelligent)

3. It’s ____________ day of the year. (short)

4. London is ______________ Birmingham. (big)

5. I prefer this chair to the other ones. It’s _______________. (comfortable)

6. The weather is getting _________. (bad)

7. I like living in the countryside. It’s ____________ living in a town. (peaceful)

8. Who is ___________ in the class? (clever)

9. That’s _________________ meal I’ve had for a long time. (delicious)

10. It was ____________ speech I’ve ever heard. (boring)

11. My English ___________ yours. (bad)

VII. Write a complete letter from the given words and phrases (make changes and additions if necessary).

Dear Susan,

1. Thank you/ much/ your letter/ which/ arrive/ few days ago.

2. It/ be/ lovely/ hear/ you.

3. I/ be sorry/ I/ not/ write/ a long time/ but/ I/ be very busy.

4. As you know/ we/ buy/ new house/ September.

5. It/ be/ very bad condition/ and/ it/ need/ repairing a lot.

6. We/ just/ finish/ most of it/ and now/ it/ look/ very nice.

7. Peter and I/ decide/ give/ house-warming party/ May 3rd.

8. You think/ you able/ come?

9. Please give me/ ring/ and let/ know/ if you can come.

10. I/ really/ look forward/ see you again.



VIII. Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or present progressive.

1. I _____ (go) to the movie tonight. The film _____ (begin) at 7.30.

2. The world ______ (change) rapidly. Things ______ (never/ stay) the same.

3. We _____ (have) a small party next Sunday. Would you like to come?

4. It _____ (often/ rain) in summer, but it _____ (not/ rain) now.

5. What time _____ this train _____ (get) to London?

6. Computers ______ (become) more important in our lives.

7. _____ you (be) free at lunchtime tomorrow? – No, I ______ (have) lunch with my parents.

8. Sue _____ (come) to see us tomorrow. She ______ (travel) _____ by train and her train _____ (arrive) at 10.15. I _____ (meet) her at the station.

9. What _____ your sister _____ (do)? - She is an architect but she _____ (not/ work) at the moment.

10. Can we stop walking soon? I _______ (get) tired.

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