Unit 8 : Celebrations - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. i couldn't do the test because it was difficult

because of

2.although he got up early, he was late for the first train

in spite

3.although english grammar is difficult, we like to study it

in spite

4. although he is an excellent doctor, he can't cure lever cancer


5. although my friend doesn't have money , she wans to buy that new car


6. although mai didn't speak english well, she decided to live in london

7. although he is sick, he goes to school

in spite of

8. although lan was tired, she did all her homwork carefully


9. evrybody has a great regard for her despite her poverty


10. they worked very hard although they were old

in spite

11. peter didn't go to school yesterday because he was sick

because of

12. mary went to bed early because she felt tired

because of

13.she didn't go to thr circus with betty because she had a bad cold

because of

14. john succeeded in his exam because he work hard

because of

15. she stayed at home because her mother was sick

because of

16.i like him because his father is kind to me

because of

17. i couldn't do the test because it was difficult

because of

18. although he got up early, he was late for the first train

in spite

19.although i am hugry, i can't eat now


20. despite the narrow streets, many people drive cars in this city


21. in spite of the high prices, my daughters insist on going to the movie


22. they worked very hard inspite of their old age

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III. Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.

1. Let’s _______ to the cinema

A. going B. to go C. go D. goes

2. Nga _______ Math in Qui Nhon University for 4 years but now she teaches in her home village

A. to learn B. learning C. learnt D. has learnt

3. She _______try to learn English for her job

a is B. has C. must D. was

4. We will go _______a picnic next week

A. in B. at C. on D. to

5. The people_______live in Viet nam speak Vietnamese.

A. which B. whom C. who D. when

6. Do you know the man_______you met yesterday?

A. when B. who C. which D. whose

7. She studies well_______she is busy.

A. because B. since C. although D. and

8. Is he an actor_______a singer? An actor.

A, and B. or C. but D. so

9. She won’t take all these suitcases _______she likes to travel light

A. so B but C. because D. therefore

10. Can you turn_______the light? It is too dark

A. on B. off C. down D. up

11. If you like that book, I will give it _______you as my present

A. for B. from C. at D. to

12. If you know where she lives, please let me _______

A. know B. knew C. known D. to know

13. Excuse me. Can I _______in this area?

A. smoke B. smoking C. smoked D. to smoke

14. The car_______he has just bought is made in England.

A. who B. whom C. which D. whose

15. I am preparing for the picnic_______my friends tomorrow

A. at B. to C. in D. with

16. It snowed in Lang Son_______the winter_______2002

A. in / of B. in / in C. at / for D. for / at

17. Neil Armstrong, _______walked on the moon, lived in the USA.

A. which B. whom C. who D. that

18. My parents didn’t allow me _______ , so I had to stay at home

A. go B. to go C. going D. gone

19. I want everybody to listen _______ .

A. care B. careful C. careless D. carefully

20. If we became rich, we would travel _______ the world

A. on B. in C. of D. around

21. I’ve known him _______I left school.

A. when B. before C. until D. since

22. She has two children to look after, so she’s looking for a_______job in her neighborhood

A. part-time B. full time C. skilled D. low-paid

23. Maria’s English is excellent. She speaks English _______.

A. very perfect B. perfective C. perfectively D. perfectly

24. _______ is a large building in the college or university where students live.

A. Campus B. Hall C. Institute D. Dormitory

25. I’m looking _______to hearing from you.

A. at B. after C. over D. forward

26. You should clear _______all the trash on ground before living.

A. over B. out C. off D. up

27. Crops are sprayed with _______ to kill insects

A. fertilizer B. manure C. dung D. pesticide

28. I’m late, _______?

A. I am B. are I C. am I not D. aren’t I

29. He asked me _______ I believed the ghosts.

A. when B. if C. whether D. both a and b

30. If you _______Joanna, ask her to come and see me

A. meet B. will meet C. met D. can meet

31. Industry, vehicles and garbage disposal account for _______.

A. water pollution B. pollution of oil C. air pollution D. pollution of river

32. She asked me _______in my spare time.

A. what I did B. what do I do C. what did I do D. what I have done

33. Who looks _______your children when you are away from home?

A. for B. at C. after D. to

34. He got wet _______he forgot his umbrella.

A. because of B. because C. but D. and

35. He is going to the post office_______he wants to send a letter.

A. because B. but C. and D. moreover

36. Dickens is my _______English novelist

A. preferable B. favorable C. favorite D. likeable

37. He_______English for 4 years.

A. learns B. learnt C. has learnt D. will learn

38. Young people are fond of _______ Jeans.

A. to wear B. wearing C. wore D. worn

39. She sings very_______.

A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautify D. beautifully

40. She asked me where I _______ from.

A. come B. came C. to come D. coming

41. He was born_______ 15th January

A. on B. at C. of D. in

42. If he_______free time, he will go swimming.

A. has B. had C. will have D. is having

43. Peter plays soccer very well, _______he?

A. does B. did C. doesn’t D. didn’t

44. Could you please stop_______so much noise?

A. make B. making C. made D. to make

45. If the_______continues, what will happen?

A. pollution B. pollute C. polluted D. polluting

46. He is tired now_______he stayed up late watching TV.

A. so B. because C. but D. and

47. Be_______! He is looking at you.

A. care B. careful C. carefully D. carelessly

48.I suggest_______ to the movies

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

49. Remember to turn _______ the lights before going to bed.

A. of B. off C. on D. up

50. People _______ take physical exercise can live longer.

A. who B. whom C. which D. when

IV. Combine each pair of sentences into one by using a suitable Relative Pronouns.

1. Have you ever spoken to the people? They live next door.


2. It’s a book. It will interest children of all ages.


3. The people keep having all night parties. They live next door.


4. These are the keys. They open the front door and back door.


5. Here’s an article. It might interest you.


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I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. information B. violent C. opinion D. informative

2. A. therefore B. through C. weather D. this

3. A. watch B. channel C. chat D. chemistry

4. A. guess B. stage C. teenager D. disadvantage

5. A. head B. beach C. leaf D. clean

6. A. light B. fine C. lit D. high

7. A. matter B. back C. bag D. talk

8. A. her B. were C. person D. where

9. A. worked B. stopped C. packed D. wanted

10. A. would B. about C. round D. out

II. Choose the words that has a different stress pattern from the others.

1. A. festival B. decorate C. special D. important

2. A. celebrate B. freedom C. apart D. slavery

3. A. chocolate B. receive C. colorful D. contest

4. A. parade B. charity C. active D. generous

5. A. instead B. conserve C. innovation D. ultimately

III. Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.

1.The cattle drank from a river_______ with toxic chemicals.

A. pollute B. pollution C. pollutes D. polluted

2.Finally, my friend Lan suggested _______ to the beach instead of going camping.

A. go B. to go C. going D. having gone

3. I am sure they will be very_______at your success.

A. delight B. delighted C. delighting D. delightful

4. If you want to put up a tent, you will have to look for a nice flat piece of _______.

A. ground B. soil C. earth D. floor

5. The day-to-day _______of the company is left to a board of directors at the top.

A. working B. establishing C. running D. all are correct

6. _______ , he was unharmed after being hit by lightning.

A. Consequently B. Finally C. Cautiously D. Miraculously

7. I think its a bit ______to hope that we can beat them easily. They are much younger and better.

A. reality B. really C. realised D. unreal

8. Nobody can approve of his _______ to work. He is so irresponsible.

A. character B. behavior C. attitude D. manner

9. The old man is _______of walking 100 meters by himself.

A. inexperienced B. incapable C. unable D. immature

10. Why are you whispering to each other? If you have something important _______, say it aloud to all of us.

A. to say B. said C. saying D. say

11. Each of the 4 types of human _______suited for a specific purpose.

A. tooth are B. teeth is C. tooth is D. teeth are

12. _______my friends has watched the film yet.

A. No B. Not any of C. None D. None of

13. In many countries there are national companies belonging to the state, _______private companies.

A. including B. as well C. together with D. but also

14. We all know that it is important _______ medical directions to be understood clearly.

A. with B. for C. of D. in

15. _______chooses to be honest is, certainly, nearer to God.

A. Anyone B. Who C. Anyone of us D. Whoever

16. That honest man always speaks _______ is true even if it is bitter.

A. that it B. that C. what D. which

17. The progress made in computer technology _______the early 1960s is remarkable.

A. in B. for C. since D. during

18. Did you apologise to Mary, _______?

A. who you spilt some coffee on her dress

B. you spilt some coffee on her dress
C. whose dress you spilt some coffee

D. whose dress you spilt some coffee on

19. We are considering having_______for the coming New Year.

A. redecorated our flat B. to redecorate our flat

C. our flat to be redecorated D. our flat redecorated

20. You look so tired! You _______out too late last night.

A. had to be B. should have been

C. had been D. must have been

21. I _______ an important phone call from America. Could you tell me when it comes?

A. had expected B. have been expecting

C. expected D. am expecting

22. I _______ a better job, and I am going to accept it.

A. was offering B. have been offered

C. was going to be offered D. am offering

23. He’s always shown an understanding of what consumers want.

a. people who buy something from a shop

b. people who steal something from a shop

c. people who doesn’t believe in God

d. people who is not brave

24. The UFO stayed in the sky for about thirty seconds, and then it went away

a. disappeared b. appeared c. flew d. traveled

25. The necklace is interesting but not precious.

a. invaluable b. very valuable c. worth a lot of money d. B and C are correct

26. A: Would you mind lending me your bike?

a. Yes, here it is b. No, not at all c. Yes, let’s d. Good idea

27. A: Would you like to have lunch with us?

a. All right b. Yes, I would c. No, I wouldn’t like d. Yes, I’d love to

28. A: Why don’t we go for a picnic this weekend?

a. What do you suggest? B. Yes, please

c. How’s that? d. That’s a good idea

29. A: Congratulations on your winning

a. You’re welcome b. That’s very kind of you

c. No, thanks d. Yes, of course

30. A: Shall I get a taxi for you?

a. Yes, I’d love to b. Oh, that would be nice

c. Let’s do d. Yes, why not?

31. A: Could you mail this letter for me, please?

a. No, I couldn’t b. I’ll try

c. Yes, here it is d. I’m sorry, I can’t

32. A: How about going out to dinner tonight?

a. Oh, thank you b. Yes, please

c. No, I don’t want to d. I’m afraid not

33. She has taught English here _______ 10 years.

A. in B. for C. since D. from

34. They _______ me if I could speak Japanese

a. told b. said c. talked d. asked

35. Mrs. Lan lives here, _______?

a. does he b. doesn’t he c. does she d. doesn’t she

36. If Ba became rich, he _______ travel around the world

a. can b. will c. would d. should

37. If Ba _______ here tomorrow, I will phone you

a. come b. will come c. came d. comes

38. Tornadoes can suck up anything that is _______ their path

a. on b. in c. at d. for

39. Nhan _______ to the sea when she lived in Hai Phong

a. goes b. has gone c. used to go d. is going

40. Nam suggested _______ showers instead of baths to save water

a. takes b. taking c. to take d. take

41. Nga’s house _______ in 1995

a. built b. has been built c. was built d. was building

42. Button decided to continue with his studies for another two years.

a. get on b. go on c. carry out d. turn off

43. Family members who live apart try to be together at Tet.

a. beside B. away c. near d. close

44. She often goes _______ church to pray because her religion is Islam.

A. on B. at C. of D. to

45. What _______ they do yesterday? They played soccer with their friends.

A. do B. to do C. did D. were

46. There used to _______ a movie theatre here, but it closed a long time ago.

A. be B. to be C. being D. been

47. The children are playing _______ in the schoolyard.

A. happy B. happiness C. happier D. happily

48. It is difficult _______English in some weeks.

A. to speak B. speaking C. speaks D. speak

49. He arrived in England _______ Monday evening

A. in B. at C. of D. on

50. Hoa worked hard, _______she passed the exam

A. because B. so C. until D. before

IV. Each sentence has a mistake identify and correct it.

1. Lynn wishes she had a bigger apartment and can buy a car.

2. When I was young, I often go fishing and played blindman’s buff.

3. What do you use to do when you stayed at home alone?

4. We’ve corresponded with each other for years but I’ve never meet him.

5. It’s very crowded here and I wish there aren’t so many people.

6. This is the first time she forgot to give me a message at night.

7. This type of clothes is going to be introduce to Europe by Chinese.

8. My father worked for the company for nearly thirty years.

9. Vietnamese women today prefer modern clothes than Ao Dai.

10. This work have to be completed by the students before the break.

V. Give right word formation for these following word in the brackets.

1. Although she is rich, she lives.................................... (unhappy)

2. I would .................................... give up my job if I didn’t need the money. (happy)

3. Your recent work has some .................................... (improve)

4. They went to see most of the .................................... places . (interest)

5. Air .................................... makes us unhealthy. (pollute)

6. My teacher is a ……………………man (culture)

7. Many .................................... activities will be held tomorrow (culture )

8. We couldn’t win the prize. We were.................................... (success)

9. Our team played …………………. We lost (success)

10.This man .................................... in writing (success)

VI. Read the text then choose the best word to fill in the blanks

The Pilgrims left their home in England in (1) ……… of religious liberty. After a long, hard (2) ………….. across the Atlantic, their ship, the Mayflower, finally (3) ………….. land. In November, 1620, the Pilgrims sailed into Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts to start (4) ……. new life. The first winter was (5) ………… of hardship. Then in the spring they planted seeds, and all summer long they worked (6) ………… their farms and prayed for good crops. When fall came, they had a very good harvest with plenty of food for the winter. In addition, the men went (7) …………. in the woods and shot wild turkeys. The Pilgrims were very thankful. They prepared a great feast and invited their friendly Indian (8)………… to enjoy it with them.

In memory of that happy day Americans (9) ……… Thanksgiving Day every year. They (10) ….. relatives and friends to eat turkey and other tasty foods and to give thanks for all good things.

1. A. interest B. look C. search D. need

2. A. trip B. voyage C. journey D. travel

3. A. came B. went C. reached D. got

4. A. his B. her C. their D. its

5. A. filled B. full C. covered D. lack

6. A. at B. in C. for D. on

7. A. fishing B. hunting C. catching D. searching

8. A. people B. neighbors C. residents D. settlers

9. A. hold B. organize C. celebrate D. give

10 .A. ask B. call C. want D. invite

VII. Choose the sentences that has the nearest meaning sentence as the given one

1. It’s a pity. I cant play chess.

A. I wish I can play chess. B. I wish I could plays chess.

C. I wish I could play chess. D. I wish I can’t play chess.

2. Where does Mai live?

A. He asked me where Mai lives. B. He asked me where does Mai live.

C. He asked me where Mai lived. D. He asked me where did Mai live.

3. They are going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in Nha Trang.

Their 25th wedding anniversary …………….

A. are going to celebrate in Nha Trang. B. is going to be celebrated in Nha Trang.

C. are going to be celebrate in Nha Trang. D. is going to celebrate in Nha Trang.

4. Lan doesn’t have enough time to do it well.

If Lan had more time, …………..

A. she would do it well. B. she will do it well.

C. she would do well. D. she does it well.

5. I want to buy him a T – shirt on his birthday, but I don’t have enough money.


A. I can buy him a T – shirt on his birthday if I had some money

B. If I had enough money for it I’d buy him a T – shirt on his birthday.

C. I will buy him a T – shirt on his birthday if I have enough money

D. If I had enough money I’d buy him a T – shirt on his birthday.

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