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Exercise 2: Fill in each blank in the passage with the correct word from the box. There are some extra words.(level-needs-cooperation-qualifications-degree-semester-institutions-benefit).
The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a Vietnamese state university. Founded in 2008, VGU is based on a close (1)…… between Viet Nam and Germany.Being a joint effort of Vietnamese and German (2)…… the university follows the successful German model and standards.VGU's strategy is to import excellent German study programmes, taken from the strongest engineering areas of Germany and customize them to the (3)…… of Vietnamese higher education. After a successful study, students receive a German university (4)…………… providing them with best opportunities on the job market.Studying at VGU is a gateway to Germany. VGU offers the opportunity to study at" German universities for one (5)……or to continute with postgraduate programmes.
Exercise 3: Complete the following sentences with the present perfect or present perfect continuous.
1. So far the college authorities (try)…..to make application process as simple and fast as possible for intemational students.
2. The university (establish)…..an international faculty that is responsible for the partnership with overseas institutions since 2005.
3. Since 2000, the Ministry of Education and Training (attempt)….to prevent classroom overerowding with a plan to establish a further number of over 40 universities in Viet Nam.
4. Scientists (put)…a lot of effort into the area of since the economic reform in 1985.
5. The international A-levels (be)…..considered by many experts in the field of education to be the "gold standard" of examinations for a very long time until now.

1 câu trả lời

1. she didn't get up early so she was late for the meeting. -> If

2. I lost the way to come back the hotel because I hadn't got the map of this city. -> If

3. she felt so tired anh she couldn't go to the cinema with us -> If

4. My father went to work yesterday so he didn't know what happened to me -> If

5. the teacher's question was so difficult that U couldn't answer. -> If

6. he missed the first bus because he didn't star earlier -> If

7. she dailed the final exam because she didn't learn hard -> If

8. because you don't stop immediately, I call your teacher -> If

9. I couldn't phone Mary because I didn't know her telephone number -> If

10. I donn't know your decision so I can tell them -> If

11. The weather is so hot that we can't go out -> If

12. ''you have just passed your exam. Congratulations!'' Tom said to me

-> Tom congratulated

13. ''I've always wanted to be rich'' Hung said

-> Hung has always dreaned

14. ''I did not steal your car'' She told me

-> she denied

15. ''Congratulation! You passed your exams'' they said to Maya

-> They congratulated

16. I am sorry. I break my promise'' She told me.

-> He congratulated

17. ''Congratulation! you won the race'' He told me.

-> He congratulated

18. ''I am sorry. i didn't not keep my promise.'' petter said to Hoa

-> Peter apologize

19. ''I will pay for the meal'' My brother told me

-> My brother insisted

20. ''I have always wanted to love a rich man'' she told her close firend

-> She has always dreamed

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