Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

1. she didn't get up early so she was late for the meeting. -> If

2. I lost the way to come back the hotel because I hadn't got the map of this city. -> If

3. she felt so tired anh she couldn't go to the cinema with us -> If

4. My father went to work yesterday so he didn't know what happened to me -> If

5. the teacher's question was so difficult that U couldn't answer. -> If

6. he missed the first bus because he didn't star earlier -> If

7. she dailed the final exam because she didn't learn hard -> If

8. because you don't stop immediately, I call your teacher -> If

9. I couldn't phone Mary because I didn't know her telephone number -> If

10. I donn't know your decision so I can tell them -> If

11. The weather is so hot that we can't go out -> If

12. ''you have just passed your exam. Congratulations!'' Tom said to me

-> Tom congratulated

13. ''I've always wanted to be rich'' Hung said

-> Hung has always dreaned

14. ''I did not steal your car'' She told me

-> she denied

15. ''Congratulation! You passed your exams'' they said to Maya

-> They congratulated

16. I am sorry. I break my promise'' She told me.

-> He congratulated

17. ''Congratulation! you won the race'' He told me.

-> He congratulated

18. ''I am sorry. i didn't not keep my promise.'' petter said to Hoa

-> Peter apologize

19. ''I will pay for the meal'' My brother told me

-> My brother insisted

20. ''I have always wanted to love a rich man'' she told her close firend

-> She has always dreamed

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CHọn câu trả lời đúng:

1) Tha teaching of history shouldn't be.........to date and figures.

A.limiting B.limitation

C.limit. D.minuted

2) We don't have the...............to update our computer software.

A.sources. B.resources

C.funds. D.origins

3) One third of the world's...... consumes two thirds of the world resources.

A.people B.men

C.population D.human

4) The practice of controlling the number of children a person has, using various methods of contraception is called.................

A.family planning

B.birth control


D. A&B

5) When a person has an infectious diseases, he is........ from other people.

A. isolated. B. Limited

C. Separated. D.confined

6) Since the early 1990s Viet Man has experienced............ growth but th differences between the lives of the rich and the poor have been greater.

A. population B.economic

C.educational D.financial

7) A person who has moved from one place to another especially to find work.

A.emigrant B.immigrant

C.migrant D. A&C

8) What's the........ of your country.

A.populate B.population

C.populous D.popular

9) If the ball.......... the line, that would have been the end of the game.

A.would cross. B.Will cross

C.has crossed. D.crossed

10) If someone knocked a candle over, it............ a fire.

A.will start B.started

C.would start. D.would have started

11) If you......... told us about the bad service, we would have eaten there.

A.hadn't B.don't

C.didn't D.wouldn't have

12) What would Tom do if he ...........the truth?

A. would know B. knows

C. had known D. knew

13) If I ...........you were sick. I would have called sooner.

A. knew B. had known

C. know D. would have known

14) If there........... a row, I'm going to keep out of it.

A. will be B. is

C. were D. had been

15) If I ............ you, I'd call and apologise .

A. am B. were

C. would be D. was

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