Unit 7: The world of work - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Ex 1: Dat cau hoi cho cac tu in dam trong cac cau sau.

1. Mary wants to visit the London Tower this summer.

2. I feel the chicken and collect their eggs at six a.m and at four p.m.

3. My elder brother has a lot of stamps from different countries.

4. I feel very pleased about the food.

5. That farmer works from carly in the morning until late at noon.

6. Their family often travel to Sa Pa in summer.

7. No, Lan is never late for class.

8. No, a farmer has no real vacations.

Ex 2: Viet lai cac cau sau bat dau bang nhung tu goi y sao cho nghia khong doi.

1. Ha Noi has many interesting places.

There are ________________________________________.

2. I have fewer textbooks than my elder brother.

My elder brother has _________________________________.

3. What does your father do ?

What is ___________________________________________?

4. Nam likes Electronics best.

Electronics is ______________________________________.

5. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American ones.

American students have ______________________________.

6. Mr. Lam aslo has ten days off for his summer vacation.

Mr. Lam aslo has a ____________________________________.

Ex 3: Dung nhung tu goi y sau de viet cac cau hoan chinh.

1. Farmers / have / few / days off / workers.

2. Mr. Tan usually / start / work / seven a.m / morning / and / finish / 5 p.m.

3. We / often / go / countryside / vacation.
4. What / you / do / Thanksgiving Day ?

5. We / usually / have / party / home.

6. Lan / often / help / mother / housework / free time.

7. They / usually / spend / tiome / families / Christmas Day.

8. After / work / farm / he often / clean / chicken coop / and / collect / eggs.

9. How many / public / vacations / year / Vietnamese students / have ?

10. We / less work / and / more money / spend / future.


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VI. Em hãy đọc đoạn văn sau rồi viết T ( true ) cho mỗi câu đúng. F ( false )

cho mỗi câu sai so với thông tin trong bài.

How many calories can your burn in one hour? Well, it all depends on the

activity. You use calories all the time, even when you are resting. Reading,

sleeping, sitting and sumbathing all use about 60 calories an hour.

Very light activities use 75 calories. Examples are eating, wrinting, knitting,

shaving, driving and washing up.

Light activities which you about 100 calories an hour include playing the

piano, getting dressed and having a shower.

Under moderate activities which use between 100 and 200 calories an hour.

These activities include climbing stairs, jogging, digging the garden and playing


...............1. The amount of calories we use an hour depends on the activity

we do.

...............2. When we are resting we don’t burn calories.

...............3. Reading use as many calories as writing.

...............4. The calories we burn for eating and washing up are the same.

...............5. Sunbathing uses more calories than driving.

...............6. Having a shower uses only 100 calories an hour.

...............7. Walking is a very light activity.

...............8. Cycling and dancing use the same amount of calories.

...............9. Horse riding use the most amount of calories.

...............10. Playing football uses fewer calories than swimming.

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I. Choose the word or phrase (A, B or C) that best fits the space in each sentence.

1. Minh is unhappy because he misses his old friends and teachers. So ________ I.

A.am B. does C. do

2. ___________ does the plane fly? – It flies at 600 miles an hour.

A.How far B. How fast C. How long

3. Jane and I are _______ the same class _______ school.

A. at – at B. in – in C. on – at

4. My father never drinks ___________ coffee for breakfast.

A. some B. much C. many

5. The United States’ library of Congress is one of the _______ bibraries in the world.

A. larger B. largest C. larger than

6. Her new school is different ___________ her old school very much.

A. with B. and C. from

7. “Hi, Ba.” – “___________ to see you.”

A. Nice B. Glad C. both a and b

8. Will you ___________ tomorrow evening? – Yes, I will.

A. free B. be free C. to free

9. Her sister is out when he calls.

A. not at home B. not busy C. late

10. What ___________ awful restaurant!

A. an B. the C. a

11. ___________ are you so late?

A. Why B. What C. How

12. Which month is Halloween in?

A. September B. October C. December

II. Use the correct tense or form of the verb given in each sentence. (1.5 pts)

13. Don’t let your brother _________________ the present. [see]

14. All the furniture in the house _________________ old- fashioned. [be]

15. My students _________________ their lessons now. [write]

16. When Liz _________________ tonight? – At about 9. [back]

17. Next week, they _________________ with us to the museum. [not go]

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