Unit 7 : THE MASS MEDIA - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

tents come in ___ shapes and sizes
A. vary B. variety C. various D. variously
12/ ____, we'll arrive before dark
A. Hope B. hopeful c. hopefully d. hopefulness
13/ we're reading a ___ book this week
a. differ b. difference c. different d. differently
14/ she has been ___ criticized in the press
a. heavy b. heaviness c. heavier d. heavily
15/ after the accident he suffered from loss of____
a. momory b. memorize c. memorable d. memorably
16/ diet plays an important role in the ___ of heart disease
a. manage b. manager c. management d. manageable
17/ students say it is helpful if teachers ____ their pronunciation
a. correct b, correction c. correctuve d. correctly
18. many locals are ___ opposed to the development
a. strength b. strong c. strengthen d. strongly
19/ keep ___ by eating well and exercising regularly
a. health b. healthful c. healthy d. healthily

II Grammar
1. the taxi driver's strike ____ last month
a. began b. had begun
2. we ___ her brother since last sunday
a. didn't see b. haven't seen c. don't see d. hadn't seen
3. she has worked forr this company ___ many years ,____1990
a. since/ since b. for / since c. for/ in d. since / in
4. i haven't see Julie ___ christmas
a. for b. from c. since d. during
5. my wife and i ___ three time since we ___ married
a. moved/ got b. move / have got c. have moved / got d. have moved / have got
6. we are talking about the car __ has a red roof
a. who b. whom c. which d. where
7.they have changed the law
a. the law has been change
b. the law has been changed
c. the has to be changed
d. the law has been changing
8. this is the bank __ was robbed yesterday
a. which b. that c. who d. a&b
9. he came with a friend ___ waited outside
a. whom b. which c. who d. when
10. i have received your letters
a. your letters have been received
b. your letters have been receive
c. yourr letters has been receive
d. your letters have received
11. mary , __ knew nothing about the mountain thought it would be safe to climb alone
a. who b. that c. whom d. a&b
12. the book about ____ i told you yesterday has been stolen
a. that b. who c. whom d. which
13. look at the those dark clouds!. Yes, it looks like ___ any minute
a. it's going to rain b. it's raining c. it will rain
14. i'd better get back to the hotel room before the storm. OK___ you later
a. i'm seeing b. i'll see c. i see
15. hi, honey. how's is going ? Great ___ fishing with Grandpa tomorrow
a. i go b. i'm going to c. i'm going
16. have fun but don't forget. you have to finish that paper. I know. Mom ___ it tomorrow. i already have the envelope
a. i'm mailing b. i won't mail c. i mail
17 . Ann is in hopspital. Yes i know ___her tomorrow
a. i visit b. will visit c. are going to visit
18. would you like to join linda and me tomorrow? we __ the natural history museum." sure. I've never been there
a. visit b. will visit c. are going to visit
19. we can't go to Julia's party __ we're going away that weekend
a. because b. because of c. although d. in spite of
20. she walked home by herself __ she knew that it was dangerous
a. because b. although c. and d. despite
21. __ some German and British management styles are similar, there are many differences between them
a. in spite b. in spite of c. although d. despite
22. I could not eat ___ I was very hungry
a. even though b. in spite c. despite d. in spite the fact that
23. julie passed the exam __ of woking very har
a/ despite b. because c. in spite d. though
24. ___ he had enough money, he could buy a new car
a. despite b. in spite of c. because of d. because
25. ___, he walked to the station
a. despite being tired b. although to be tired c. in spite being tired d. despite tired
26 the children slept well, despite_____
a. it was noise b. the noise c. of the noise d. noisy
27. she left him __ she still loved him
a. even if b. even though c. in spite of d. despite
28. ___ her lack of hard work, she wasn't promoted
a. because b. even though c. because of d. in spite of
29/ ourr new neighbors are quite nice ___ they are sometimes talkative
A. despite b. in spite of the fact c. though d. despite of
30/ __ of the difficulty they managed to climb to the top of the mountain
a. in spite b. despite c. but a. although
31. because __ , we arrived late
a. of the traifec b. the traffic b. the heavy traffic. d. of there was heavy traffic

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choose the word abc or d that best fits each sentence
1. They are making a ______ , which gives people facts about the strange traditions in remote villages
2. If people were more ______ of the traffic law, there would be much fewer road accidents.
A. aware B. known C. serious D. knowledge
3. Jessica went to a ____ school for three years before she started acting in the first film
A. drama B. documentary C. comedy D. program
4. novadays tv viewers have different___ to choose : VTV1, VTV2, VTV3,HTV7, HTV9 and so on
A. films B. shows C. news D. channels
5. we thought the ___ on tv last night would be funny but it wasn't, it was really boring
A. tragedy B. comedy C. weather forecast D. news report
6. a television ___ show í a program in which competitors try to anser question to tes their knowledge
A. cartoon B. culture C. quiz D. drama
7. in the ___ examination, you have to talk to the teachers and answer a number of questions
A. oral B. aural C. visual D. written
8._____ warming is an impertant problem for many government
A. worldly B. global C. earthly D. international
9. we went back to our home village and had a very ____ weekend on the farm
A. enjoy B. enjoyed C. enjoyment D. enjoyable
10. Young children are easily influenced by the ___ on television
A. violent B. violence C. violently D. violate

1/ The president escaped through a secret passage underneath the parliament buiding
a. answer b. hidden c. confidence d.basis
2/ which channel do you recommend to someone who likes animals
A. Suggest B. Tell C. speak D. Talk
3/ Documentary is a film or a radio or television program giving facts about something
A. Things B. Numbers C. truth D. news
4/ what types of the media are the most and the least important to you
A. successfull B. significant C. wonderfull D. attractive
5/ listen to the two radio news stories and check the right column under news story 1 and news story
a. honest b. honorable c. good d. precise
6/ television can make things more memorable because it presents information in a more effective way
a. clever b. expensive c. successfull d. pretty
7. some television programs may make people violent.
a. rapid b. insane C. extreme d. good
8. television also interferes with family life and communication
a. conflicts b. comes c. goes d. chats
9. i'm afraid you've made a mistake
a. wrongness b. error c. badness d. ugliness
10. it makes us aware of our global responsibilities
a. national b.worldly c. universal D.overall

select the antonym of the following bold and underlined word in each sentence in the unit
1/ the mass media has become one of the main instruments of political change
a. less b. fewer c. tiny d.small
2/ we ought to keep these proposals secret from the chairman for the time being
a. lively b.frequented c. accessible d. revealed
3. match the word in A with its appropriate definition in B
A. indirect b. illegal c. improper d. unreal
4. what program do you dislike watching and why not
a. fancy b. think c. imagine . d. want
5. what are the differences among types of the media
a. peace b. sameness c. likes d. need
6. heavy rain causes floods all over the country
a. light b. thin c. tiny d. trivial
7.television can make us passive
a. obtrusive b.enterprising c. hatefull d. unpleasant
8.it is an enjoyable way to relax
a. incorrect b. improper c. hateful d. unpleasant
9. we don't have to think so our brain becomes lazy
a. quick b. diligent c. hard d. good
10/ the council demolished it
a.make b. did c. started d. construct

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