Chippy Linh
Chippy Linh 24 tháng 10 2017 lúc 19:40

Nowadays, children are under presure from family, school and society. They have less time for relaxation and entertainment, which make them feel tedious, even exhausted. This essay will discuss the causes and find solutions to this phenomenon. First of all, it is undeniable that the present education is a burden for all students. They spend long time attending the class with little time to relax. For example, students start to study at 7 am and finish at 11.15 am with five classes. Moreover, they have to go to tutorial classes in the afternoon or evening, even all weekends and strict examinations , A non stop cycle of studying certainly makes them feel pressure and stressful. More importantly, family directly pressures them. Most parents are fully aware of the importance of knowledge and skills for children. Therefore, they oblige their sons and daughters to quence knowledge at school and the language centers without listening to kids' saying , which maynot be suitable for all students.In addiion, They are willing to waste a lot of money for their kids at the tutorial classes in exchange of the high score grades . Their concerns unwittingly bring the children unnecessary worries and exhaustion. With the above negative impacts, the aldults should sit together and discuss the solutions for pressure from which their kids are suffered . They should know how to listen to their kids and share the studying at school. It is neccessary to spare time for relax outdoors with family and friends. Then, parents must know the competence of children and help them develop in their ability. Education is partly responsible for it. the officials of education should reduce the schooling curriculum and turns tradional method based on dictation to the modern one such as practcing and developing socila skills. In a word, pressure affects students negatively in many ways. Families, schools and the society should join hands to deal with the problem to make children, the future generation develop in comprehensive way.

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