Unit 7: Cultural Diversity

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Đây là bài đọc phải không vậy??

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ghi đề chư cậu :v


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Hue Tran

VIII. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition.

1. She asked me when I set_________ for my business and she said that she would like to go with me.

2. I never visit people’s homes ____________the first day of the New Year unless they invite me.

3. There are numerous rituals related_________daily activities.

4. _____ important days_______________ the year, I always lay food _______the altar______ my ancestors because i believe that they will enjoy the meal with my family.

5. If you sweep the floor during the first three days of the festival, you might sweep ______ any wealth.

6. People try to choose a favorable date when setting _________ for an examination or starting _________ a business venture.

7. Vietnamese people strongly believe _________ life after death.

8. The origin of Vietnamese superstitions based ________ scientific research.

9. People care much __________ the first person who visits their home________the first day of the year.

10. The fork is held _______ the left hand and the knife _______ the right hand.

11. The British usually pay a lot of attention _________ good table manners, and are expected to use knives, forks and spoons properly.

12. Lan has just made a decision to get engaged _______a foreign man.

13. Like many things in the society, the custom of a country can change___________ time.

14. Americans are practical and they place great value ________money.

15. Children can choose their partners, even if their parents object ____ their choice.

16. In American family parents have less influence ______ their people.

17. A typical Vietnamese woman is hard-working, skillful, and devoted _______ her family.

18. A woman often spends at least four or five hours _______ different household chores.

19. When she first met him, she fell _________ love with him at once. They loved each other ______ first sight.

20. My boyfriend asked me to go out __________ a date.

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II. Choose a word that has different stressed syllable from others.

1. A. modern B. useful C. tablet D. agree

2. A. excellent B. Internet C. computer D. digital

3. A. reference B. understand C. personal D. concentrate

4. A. introduce B. contribute C. understand D. magazine

5. A. television B. education C. transportation D. entertainment

6. A. interest B. recognise C. media D. instruction

7. A. portable B. effective C. similar D. digital

8. A. advantage B. recorder C. different D. devices

9. A. relax B. smartphone C. allow D. submit

10. A. horrible B. exciting C. assignment D. effective

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homogenizing Vietnamese culture with Vietnamese culture, presenting the history of Vietnamese culture just as the civilized history of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese culture is the whole culture of the Vietnamese ethnic groups residing on the piece. Vietnamese culture, there is only one ethnic culture, no ethnic . Vietnamese culture is a ethnic , this is a unified ethnic culture on the basis of multi- ethnic cultural nuances. The concept of nation refers to a sovereign state, in which the majority of citizens are bound together by the elements that make up a nation. This third concept is currently the one that is dominated by researchers, managers in the field of Vietnamese culture, so the content of Vietnamese culture will be presented according to the third concept. , Vietnamese culture in the direction of national culture

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Phú Khang Đào
Phú Khang Đào 4 tháng 4 2020 lúc 15:40

1.the cleverest

2.more peaceful than(vế sau)

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Cong Anh Le
Cong Anh Le 11 tháng 3 2020 lúc 21:28

the hottest

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Minh Hoàng Phạm
Minh Hoàng Phạm 5 tháng 4 2020 lúc 16:48

1.is your house much far /farther.

2.who is the oldest/eldest news?

3.your driving is worse/ worst than mine.

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Quang Huy Điền
Quang Huy Điền 26 tháng 4 2020 lúc 21:08

1. the highest

2. the more superstitious

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