Unit 6: Viet Nam: Then and now - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Street Food Shoulder Poles on Saigon streets

Street food shoulder pole is familiar with Saigon people throughout many years. Nowadays it has become a special thing that makes travelers curious. In small areas of District 1 and District 3, we could count more than 100 vendors who earned money using shoulder poles. A shoulder pole, also called a carrying pole, is a yoke of wood or bamboo, used by people to carry a load. The vendors put their goods in two baskets from each end of the yoke.

In the downtown, we can meet young women with their shoulder poles. The baskets are covered with plastic wrap carefully to protect the foods from the street dust. In a tight space ofone basket, she could mix the ingredients and bake the cake on a small charcoal which was defended by carton. The ready cakes were put in other basket.

In the morning or evening, on rainy or sunny day, Saigon streets are marked by shoulder poles of people from different regions of the country, which has become a unique part of Saigon. It has been said that it isn’t hard to live in Saigon if you work hard. With the carrying pole on shoulders, the vendor has turned it into a “store”. The reason is very simple, they don’t have enough money to open a real store. Every day these women continue their journey through Saigon streets under the sun and the rain, selling cheap things or street foods to earn money and feed their children.

1. A shoulder pole____ .

A. is the connection between wood and bamboo

B. used to be called a carrying pole

C. is a bar made of wood or bamboo

D. is used to put goods on street vendor’s shoulders

2. Street food shoulder pole is_____________ .

A. used by street vendors to carry things

B. a characteristic of District 1 and 3

C. used to make foreign travelers curious

D. a way for passer-by to have food

3. All of the following are true about shoulder poles EXCEPT that___________ .

A. street vendors can bake cakes there

B. the two baskets have the same function

C. they can contain enough things to serve some customers

D. they can be protected from dust

4. All of the following are benefits of shoulder poles EXCEPT that ___________.

A. they can help street vendors to sell many things without a store

B. street vendors can support their families with the help of shoulder poles

C. it is a way for street vendors to carry goods around the streets

D. women are marked by unique shoulder poles from different regions

5. The word “yoke” in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to___________ .

A. a piece of wood that is shaped to fit across a person’s shoulders to carry two equal loads

B. a wooden bar that is connected to the vehicles or loads so that they can be pulled away

C. something that connects two things or people, usually in a way that limits freedom

D. a long piece of wood that is fastened across the necks to pull heavy loads

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Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets.

1, Lan spoke English _____ after she lived in England for several months .( nature)

2, Anna takes ______ in her daughter. ( proud)

3, He is one of the most famous ______ in the world. ( environment)

4, If we go on littering, the environment will become ______ polluted. ( serious)

5, The baby laughed ______ as she was playing with her toys. ( happy)

6, _______ air can cause illness and even death. ( pollute)

7, The inhabitants have made _______ on how to protect the environment. ( suggest)

8, My mother was ______ worried when I went home late last night. ( extreme)

9, If the ______ continuea, there will be no forest left in ten year. ( forest)

10, In order to keep our environment ______, we shouldn't drop litter. ( pollute)

11, We should do something to keep the enviroment ______ . ( pollute).

12, It's _______ that Lucia passed this exam. ( surprise)

13, We have sat here for hours to enjoy the ______ of this lake. ( beautiful)

14, They are discussing the preservation of ______ resources. ( nature)

15, If the ______ continues, what will happen. ( pollute)

16, Dane had an accident last month because of driving ______ . ( care)

17 The building was ______ by fire. ( destruction)

18, They are talking about the ______ pollution. ( enviroment)

19, Mr. Brown felt ______ that people have spoiled that area. ( appoint )

20, To my _______ , they have caused a lot of fish to die. ( appoint)

Giup minh vs 😢

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Câu 1: Choose A, B, C, D to complete the sentence:

My English is not good. If I _____ English well, I ________ able to go abroad. (M3)

A. speak / can be B. spoke / would be C. spoke / were D. speak / were

Câu 2: Choose A, B, C, D to complete the sentence:

______________the forest is important to the environment, people should stop cutting down trees.


A. Since B. Despite C. Though D. Because of

Câu 3: Choose the word that has different stress pattern from the rest: (M2)

A. Carefull B. Garbage C. Another D. Plastic

Câu 4: Choose A, B, C, D to complete the sentence:

He is going to ………… all the bags. (M1)

A. collector B. collection C. collective D. collect

Câu 5: Choose A, B, C, D to complete the sentence:

The waitress ………… served us dinner was friendly. (M2)

A. which B. whom C. whose D. who

Read text carefully, and then choose the correct answer (from Câu 6 to Câu 10)

The large movement of earth under the water causes a very large and powerful tsunami. The tsunami was called the Asian Tsunami in most of the world. It was called the Boxing Day Tsunami in England, Australia, South Africa and Canada because it happened on the holiday they call Boxing Day. The tsunami caused a lot of damage to countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Waves as high as 30m killed many people and damaged or destroyed a lot of buildings and other properties. Over 225,000 people died or were not found after the Tsunami. The wave traveled as far away as South Africa (8000km) where as many as 8 people died because of high water caused by the wave. Because of how much damage was caused and the number of people the earthquake affected, over $ 7 billion was donated to help the survivors and rebuild the areas damaged.

6. Why was the tsunami called the Boxing Day Tsunami in England? – Mức 2

A. Because it happened when people were boxing.

B. Because it happened when people were collecting boxes.

C. Because it happened on Boxing Day.

D. Because it destroyed a lot of boxes.

7. How high were the waves? – Mức 1

A. Thirteen meters

B. Eighteen meters

C. Thirty meters

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