Unit 6 : The young pioneers club - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Choose the words or phrases that need correcting :

1. It d a kind for you take me to the station.

A. was

B. for

C. to take

D. to

2. The hospital is trying to raise funds on a new kidney machine.

A. to raise

B. funds

C. on

D. machine

3. When you see Nam, tell himself he still owes me some money.

A. When

B. tell

C. himself

D. owes

4. Take this map so that you won't go lost.

A. Take

B. so that

C. won't

D. go lost

5. All of them agreed to participate for the program.

A. of

B. agreed

C. to

D. for

6. Could you give me a small favor ?

A. Could

B. give

C. a

D. small

7. We are going to clean she banks of the lakes in weekends.

A. are

B. clean

C. of

D. in

8. Take this form to your teacher and ask her sign it.

A. Take

B. to

C. and

D. sign

9. Smoking can lead for heart disease.

A. Smoking

B. for

C. heart

D. disease

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first:

1. I likelike to sleep late on Sundays.

==>I enjoy

2. We plan to collect used glass, paper, cans, and send them for recycling.

==>We are

3. The boy is too young to go to the cinema by himself.

==>The boy isn't

4. Nam hates going to the market.

==>Nam doesn't

5. What's the difference between French and Enghlish?

==>How does

6. Could you help me, please?

==>Could you do

7. They enjoy participating in raising funds for the poor.

==>They enjoy taking

8. " Please shut the window, " the old man said to her.

==>The old man asked

9. Do you love readung books?

==>Are you

10. "Please tell me about him " asked she

==> She

11. She studies hard.

==>She is

12. As a child, I used to ride a bike.

==> I often

13. The boy can't do this test, because he wasn't very bright ( enough)

==> The boy

Rearrange the words in correct sentences:

1. learners / many / language / not / try / to / do / learn / new / all / words / they / across / come.


2. do / didn't / Danh / well / the test / because / was / he / class / form / absent / weeks / for


3. your / you / and / did / what / sister / at 8.pm / do / night / last / ?


4. learners / do / some / why / write / sentences / example / words / with / new / ?


5. Ha Noi / in / going / are / they / week / next to / the celebrate / with / festival / friends / their.


1 câu trả lời

Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition:

1. Could you help me _________ the clean-up ?

2. It's very kind __________ you to say so.

3. Please fill __________ this application form.

4. In this respecr, French differs ____________ Enghlish.

5. She enjoys taking part ________ raising funds for the poor.

6. This restaurant it famous ________ its Chinese dishes.

7. Can you show me the way ___________ the post office ?

8. Please turn __________ the radio. I'm doing my exercise.

9. He goes to work _________ foot every day.

10. This warm coat will protect you ________the cold.

Use the correct form of the verbs im brackets:

1. Ba enjoys_______________ to the circus. ( go )

2. Don't forget ____________ me a postcard when you're on holiday. ( send )

3. I hate _________ up early in the morning. ( get )

4. They hope____________other people with their small projects. ( help )

5. Where do you want ___________ ? ( go )

6. My mother likes ___________ the house. ( decorate )

7. Let this boy ___________ you. He was born in this city. ( help )

8. She wants ______________ for the activities for this summer. ( enroll )

Choose the word that fits each of the blank spaces :

Hoa is excited about the (1)______ activities she is going to do. The Y and Y is having a plan (2)_______ the community. She'll (3)_______ in its recycling program. In joining this program, she 'll collect (4)_________paper, glass and emty cans. Then she will send them for (5)__________.

She hopes that she could save natural resources and earn some money for her school Y and Y in these (6)_______. She also thinks about participating in (7)_______ planting trees and flowers or (8)______ the street children.

1. A. interesting

B. intended

C. boring

D. bored

2. A. help

B. to help

C. helping

D. to helping

3. A. take part

B. participate

C. fill

D. a and b

4. A. use

B. used

C. using

D. to use

5. A. recyclable

B. recycle

C. recycled

D. recycling

6. A. organization

B. members

C. activities

D. resources

7. A. and

B. either

C. so

D. neithet

8. A. help

B. helped

C. helping

D. to help

2 câu trả lời

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentences:

1. Do you have a pen ? I want to______this application form.

A. arrange

B. dust

C. fill

D. tidy

2. What's your_________?- I like cooking.

A. form

B. hobby

C. job

D. group

3. Could you do me a _______?

A. favor

B. time

C. problem

D. fitness

4. We can___________funds for street children by collecting old newspaper and waste paper.

A. rise

B. raise

C. lift

D. grow

5. These children don't have fathers or mothers. They live in_________.

A. amazement

B. oven

C. experiments

D. orphanage

6. My father___________me in my studies.

A. encourage

B. choose

C. causes

D. makes

7. You should walk on the ____________.

A. avenue

B. road

C. sidewalk

D. street

8. Let us__________for the love between north and south.

A. sing

B. to sing

C. sang

D. singing

9. _________themselves physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight are their aims.

A. keep

B. to keep

C. keeping

D. kept

10. " May I help you ?"-" ______________."

A. What can I do for you ?

B. How can I help you ?

C. Yes. That 's very kind of you

D. I'm afraid I'm busy now

11. The next meeting of the committee_________on November 5th.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

12. I remember you________ that shirt.

A. buy

B. to buy

C. buying

D. for buying

13. Ten countries ___________ in the discussions.

A. took part

B. hold

C. told

D. buying

14. You ought to ___________ the house more.

A. get out to

B. get off for

C. get off

D. get out of

15. The __________ is the air, water, land, animals and plants around us.

A. environment

B. community

C. organization

D. program

16. The sun __________ at 5.16 tomorrow

A. rise

B. rises

C. is rising

D. is going to rise

17. I actually enjoy _________ shose. It's relaxing!

A. clean

B. cleans

C. to clean

D. cleaning

18. I like __________ activities such as walking and camping.

A. outdoor

B. indoor

C. outside

D. inside

19. She gave me a form and told me to__________.

A. fill it

B. fill it out

C. fill out it

D. fill in it

20. Wait here until I _________ you.

A. call

B. will call

C. called

D. am going to call

21. Suddenly everybody stopped _________. There was silence.

A. talk

B. to talk

C. talking

D. for talking

22. Ann's new play __________ at the Grand Theatre next week

A. open

B. opens

C. opened

D. will br open

23. I enjoy _________ to music.

A. listen

B. to listen

C. listening

D. for listening

24. She helped me __________ the box.

A. to carry

B. carried

C. carrying

D. for carrying

25. National No-Smoking week __________ on October 24th.

A. start

B. starts

C. will starts

D. will be starting

Word form:

1. Children need to have a good _____________. ( educate )

2. Charities rely on ___________ contribution. ( volunteer)

3. He should say a few words of _______________. ( explain )

4. The World Health ___________ is an international one. ( organize )

5. We will interview only four _______________for the job. ( apply )

6. Because of her teacher ___________, she decided to study law. ( encourage )

7. She participates in helping the ____________ and street children. ( old )

8. The first World ___________ Festival was held in Prague in 1947. ( young )

9. Let me get an ____________ form for you. ( apply )

10. Fishing is an ___________ my father enjoys best ( act )

11. We should _________ lessons carefully before going to school ( revision )

12. This ____________ is very helpful for us ( organize )

13. I need an ___________ form to fill it out ( apply )

14. Tom played the game ______________ ( excellent)

15. She _____________ recognizes her son among the crowd ( easy )

16. It's _____________ to let children play with matches ( danger )

17. We are going to have an _____________ month ( environment )

18. He was attacked for having put his _____________ to the deal. ( sign )

19. The explosion ____________ destroyed the building. ( complete )

2 câu trả lời

I. Đọc đoạn văn và chọn câu trả lời đúng.

People who want to learn a foreign language may have one of a great number of reasons. Firstly, those who find themselve living temporarily in the foreign language community will have to learn the language to survive in that community. Secondly, many students study a foreign language only because it is part of the school curriculum. Additionally, some students learn the language because they want to know more about the people who speak it and the places where it is spoken. Finally, some people want to study a foreign language as they think it offers, in some general way, a chance for improvement in their daily lives. It is obvious that there are several possible reasons for studying the language.

1. How many reasons for learning a foreign language are mentioned in the passage?

A. Only one B. two C. three D. four

2. Which of the following titles can be the most suitable one for this passage?

A. the foreign language community

B. Reasons for studying a foreign language

C. learning foreign language to survive

D. a chance for improvement

II. Làm theo yêu cầu

1. Why don't you finish the work soon?

You ought___________________________(rewrite)

2. I/learn/how /should new words ?

_______________________________( xây dựng câu)

III. Hoàn thành các câu sau bằng cách chọn các từ đã cho trước và chia ở thì hiện tại đơn.

open / go/ end/ start/ hold/ finish/ be/ begin / leave / reach

1. our next lesson about helping the elderly_________ on Sunday.

2. Mai ____ to school every Sunday morning to practice cooking.

3. The club meeting ____ at 8.00 am on Friday and ____ 5p.m

4. Our buses _____ the town center at 6 am and ____ the countryside by noon.

5. The new modern library _____ next month.

6. The concert_____ at 7p.m and it (not)____until 11 p.m

7. We _____ a meeting for the Y&Y representatives of all the schools next week.

IV. Điền dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

1. I must get to the bank before it(close)_____.

2. The scouts do the ______ work.(volunteer)

3. Peter failed to be admitted to the college because of his poor _______ achievements.(academy)

4. This box is made of _____ paper.(recycle)

V. Chọn đáp án đúng

1. The Boy Scouts of America ______ character, and _____ good citizenship and personal fitness.

A.build - encourage B. builds - encourages

C. make - encourages D. forms - encourage

2. ______ the way to my aunt's house, I saw Mr. Brown.

A. on B. with C. by D. in

VI. Điền giới từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống.

1. Nam had high marks _____ exams ______ working very hard _____ school.

2. The students are looking forward ____ their summer holidays.

VII. Điền vào chỗ trống động từ cho trước ở dạng thêm -ing .


1. We finished ____ broken glass yesterday.

2. Nam likes _______ music but Minh doesn't.

3. This program concentrates on _______ funds for the poor.

4. John likes________ badminton and table tennis.

5. My brother and I are ____ for the activities for this summer.

6. The Y&Y Green Group are _____ trees along the sidewalk.

7. They will start the summer activities program by ________ garbage at Thanh Market.

8. ______meals is my sister's favorite hobby.

9. We can collect glass, paper and empty cans, and send them for _______.

10. In ______ this program, you will help homeless people.

VIII. Tìm ra và sửa lỗi sai.

1. Paul had to worl at an early age because his family is very poor.

A. at B.because C.is D.poor

2. "The next train could leave the station at 11 o'clock" said the receptionist.

A. The B. could C. at D.said

X. Xây dựng câu với những từ đã cho trước.

1. Although/scouting/mainly/boys/there/be/organizations/similar/the BSA/girls/join.


2. We/going/clean/beach/weekend.


3. They/going/plant/flowers/parks/afternoon/after/class.


4. Would/you/like/come/stay/us?


2 câu trả lời
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