Unit 6 : FUTURE JOBS - Hỏi đáp

Người hay giúp bạn khác trả lời bài tập sẽ trở thành học sinh giỏi. Người hay hỏi bài thì không. Còn bạn thì sao?

Giúp tui làm với ạ :(( tui đang gấp á

1.The restaurant was ful of late diners .the restauant was miles away from the city centre

2.The house has been broken in. Its owener is away on holiday

3. I still remember the day. We first met on that day.

4. Nancy's sister is sick. She has to stay home to look after her.

5. That's the new student. We were talking about him. 6.J.K.Rowling's book was published last month. It soon became a best seller.

8. This is the village. I was born here.

9. Yesterday, I ran into an old friend. I hadn't seen her for ages.

10. This is the car. I paid $2,000 for it.

11. Here is the program. I told you about it.

12. Is this the person ? You asked me about her last night. 13. The bagwas found later. The robbers put the money in it.

14. Mai is the girl. I went on holiday with her last summer. 15. The woman smiled. I was looking after her.

16. The flat is very dirty. He lives in it.

17. He failed the exam. This made his parents disappointed.

18. That is the house. I lived in it when I was young.

19. What's the name of the writer? His book won a prize last week.

20. The pesson asked me some very difficult question. He interviewed me.

21. Most of the people speak German. They live in Australia.

22. My mother took me to a book-shop, We bought a lot of books in that shop.

23. The man is talking on the stage. We went with his son yesterday.

24. She reminded me the date. We met each other on that date.

25. I don't like the stories. Their endings are sad

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sắp xép các câu sau:

1. industries/ some/ In/ ,/ long/ It/ a/ can/ the/ ladder/ career/ take/ time/ to clime

2. students/ part-time job/ when/ Mary/ do/ are/ university/ at/ they

3. get/ You/ can't/ job/ a/ experience/ without

4. about/ tell/you/job/ us/ present/ more/ Could/ your?

5. Like/ Would/ you/ your/ run/ company/ own

6. Is/ another/ A/ manufacturer/ name/ "producer"/ a/ for.

7. now/ you/ If/ buy/ ,untill/ you/ need/ to/ anything/ don't/ pay/ year/ next

8. to/ go/ a/ timeshare/ You/ don't/ presentation/ have/ sales/ to

9. Development/ the/ key/ is/ Research/ and/ idea/ to/ great/ business

10. purpose/ our/ main/ is/ decide/ to/ lanch/ the/ of/ the/ date

11. Alicia/ best/ she/ job/ her/ did/ when/ her completed/ application

12. please/ parents/ the/ I/ company/ continued/ excellent/ its/ performance/ am/ has/ that

13. i am/ is/ The / meeting/ to/ when/ launch/main/ of/ decide/ new/ product/the/ our/ to

14. we/ computers/ Now/ are/ an/ campaign/ for/ laptop/ advertising/ developing/ our/ new

15. you/ drink/ for/ Can/ snacks/ this/ arrange/ meeting/ and/ afternoon's?

16. I/ to/ please/ speak/ to would Tom Smith/ in/ like/ Human Resources

17. products/ Our/ is/ R&D department/ developing/ for/ new/ responsible/ ideas/ new/ and

18. so/ has/ increase/ been/ far/ There/ of/ in/ our/ 20%/ an/ sales

19. sister/ took/ My/ serious/ retirement/ because/ early/ illness/ of/ her

20. finish/ to had/ reports/ work/ They/ time/ overtime/ to/ their/ on

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