Thanh Hoàng Thanh
Hôm kia lúc 6:53

21. D. had left

22.  C. has written 

23. B. wrote          

24. A. broke down             

25. C. have tried              

26.  C. he has left             

27.B. had had            

28. A. will have learned        

29. B. walked      

30. B. went          

31. B. finishes               

32. D. goes

33. C. finished       

34. B. boils                           

35. B. are leaving            

36. C. goes                

37. is working             

38. D. had gone

39. D. had died

40. A. would come     

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Thanh Hoàng Thanh
Hôm kia lúc 6:30

1. C. was living

2. B. haven't seen

3. B.left

4. A. has just painted 

5.  C. has been looking 

6. A. am attending

7. D. for ten years

8. A. discovered

9. C. was running

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Tuệ Lâm
15 tháng 1 lúc 19:38

33. usually visit

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15 tháng 1 lúc 19:39

33. A

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Tuệ Lâm
13 tháng 1 lúc 20:21


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Minhh Minhh
13 tháng 1 lúc 20:16

đúng k vậy??

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Tuệ Lâm
13 tháng 1 lúc 20:19


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Tuệ Lâm
13 tháng 1 lúc 20:02


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Phương Dung
9 tháng 12 2020 lúc 23:02

Wordform "compete" 1. There's a lot of ___competition____between computer companies 2. The two companies are in ___competing_____with each other 3. It's difficult for a small shop to ____compete_____against/with the big supermarket 4.Both girls_____competed______for their father's attention 5. Men and women ought to be able to ______compete______for jobs on an equal footing

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Phương Dung
6 tháng 12 2020 lúc 20:35

Wordform "reprensent" 1. The firm has two ____representatives________in every European city 2. Her greatest ambition was to __________her country at the Olympics 3. Many ____responds______of the older generation were there 4. The final competition included the _____representatives______of there classes

Wordfrom "participate" 1. There are many __participants___in this competiton 2. Would you like ____to participate_______in the festival in Hue next week 3. She actively _____participated______in social work 4. We used to _____participate______in many activities of communal center 5. To ____participate_______in the contest, you have to work in groups of three

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Trần Thị Kiều Diễm
24 tháng 11 2020 lúc 22:43

Chọn đáp án đúng

1. After convincing myself that the result didn't matter, I felt oddly___when we lost.

A.encouraged B.stimulated

C.disadvantaged D.disappointed

2. With three teams finishing on 40 points, there was no outright____.

A.win B.winning C.winner D.wnnings

3. For work to flow___,proper preparations must be made.

A.smoothly B.freely C.constantly D.naturally

4. The contestants are eliminated one by one until the last____in a head-to-head contest.

A.sponsor B.support C.compete


5. The winner of the contest was given a___for her excellent performance.

A.bonus B.reward C.fine D.award

6. Six months after the accident, he still haf difficulty___.

A.to walk B.walking C.walked

D.to walking

7. I really hate___away from home so much.

A.you have to be B.you having to be C.your have to be D.your having to be

8. Staff say that the new computer system__to greater levels of stress in their work.

A.led B.would lead C.has led

D. Had led

9. It's a pity we didn't visit Tom when we had the chance. I___him before he left the country.

A. Would like to see

B. Should like to see

C. Would like having seen

D. Would like to have seen

10. His doctor suggested that he___a short leave of absence.

A. Will take B. Take C. Would take D. Took

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